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  1. Tyrantrum
    October 20th, 2009 5:42 PM
    No intent on being rude here, but, I think it's about time that you use more detail when rating maps, that way the person who made whatever map you rate knows what fix. And with that, you should also use better grammar. Reading your posts can sometimes get very confusing.
  2. NarutoActor
    July 19th, 2009 5:39 PM
    sorry I think it was enough. that's all I need. next time I will rate one of your maps I will make sure to make a full blown review
  3. Tyrantrum
    July 19th, 2009 5:32 PM
    Well, he gave an actual review of my map. Your's and Ctep's were just like, one or two sentences.
  4. NarutoActor
    July 19th, 2009 3:51 PM
    and he gave you a 4/5 (i gave you a 5/5)
  5. Tyrantrum
    July 18th, 2009 9:24 PM
    Well, he probably didn't click the thumbnail either. :P

    Locke is the only one who made a real rating.
  6. NarutoActor
    July 18th, 2009 6:58 PM
    hahah sorry I am trying to say its not just me who thinks your map is too square and to fix the too much space problem make sure no two of the same tiles are touching I can help you if you want.
  7. Tyrantrum
    July 18th, 2009 6:08 PM
    Dude, I have no clue what tf you just said. cuz i cnt reed liek dis
  8. NarutoActor
    July 18th, 2009 5:47 PM
    did you read the other comment after me. the user gave you a 1/10 for blocky nes not the montaines the roustes the routes should not be straight they should be more virtirel umm.. like / or \ not - its kinda hard to explain hahah and extra spase can be delt with easly if thats your stly just add some trees bushes flowers rocks and make sure there in no two of the same tile tocjing jope I helped- Naruto actor
  9. Tyrantrum
    July 18th, 2009 4:41 PM
    Originally Posted by narutoactor View Post
    its okay 5/10 its too square and too empty
    The empty part I can agree with, as it does have some empty space, but that's the way I map. As for it being too square? I'm guessing you didn't click on the thumbnail. And if you did, you must be blind. Btw, sorry if I may have come off as 'rude' to you, but I can assure you, that it is not too square.

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