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  1. BlazingLink
    July 9th, 2012 12:19 AM
    I've been pretty decent, can't really complain, haha.
  2. Atomic Reactor
    July 8th, 2012 2:17 PM
    Atomic Reactor
    Fantastic man, and yourself?
  3. BlazingLink
    July 8th, 2012 10:20 AM
    Hey Atomic, it's been way to long. How've you been?
  4. BlazingLink
    May 3rd, 2011 5:42 PM
  5. Atomic Reactor
    May 3rd, 2011 5:39 PM
    Atomic Reactor
    Can't go wrong with either one man!
  6. BlazingLink
    May 3rd, 2011 5:30 PM
    I'm still debating whether to go into the Air Force or College. More likely the latter.
  7. Atomic Reactor
    May 3rd, 2011 5:24 PM
    Atomic Reactor
    Haha yeah I know, I already know where I am going to college next year, so it's all good :)
  8. BlazingLink
    May 3rd, 2011 5:10 PM
    Good job, man! This might sound odd to say, but good luck out there. It's not so easy nowadays.
  9. Atomic Reactor
    May 3rd, 2011 4:40 PM
    Atomic Reactor
    Haha yeah I know what you're saying. I graduate in a month :3
  10. BlazingLink
    April 30th, 2011 3:40 AM
    Likewise, just trying to get through H.S, though.
  11. Atomic Reactor
    April 29th, 2011 7:32 PM
    Atomic Reactor
    Haha lifes been good man, how about you)
  12. BlazingLink
    April 29th, 2011 7:13 PM
    Hey Atomic. It's been quite a bit since we last talked, eh? How's life been?

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