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  1. Conan Edogawa
    February 28th, 2009 6:27 AM
    Conan Edogawa
    That's ok I was wondering because I thought you mad it in photoshop but Thanks anyways.
  2. Starrcasm
    February 27th, 2009 6:35 PM
    Oh, the thing in my signature? I asked a friend to make it. He said he googled something, entered an image, typed in what he wanted it to say, and the website made it for him. If you want, I'll try to find you a link.
  3. Conan Edogawa
    February 27th, 2009 4:50 PM
    Conan Edogawa
    Hey I was wondering what font you use for the banners you make? Because I can't seem to find it.

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