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Conversation Between Xatoku and balkj06
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  1. balkj06
    May 26th, 2009 10:37 PM
    nice hack, playing the story of sliver
    only will there be a choice of starter

    Place First Met (In Johto/Orre):

    Pokemon Team: Posion

    Ganger Crobat Ninoking Rosila Weezing MukIs your Character Against of for what Silver is doing?
    I'm Koga's Son

    travel to Johto to obtain a parcel form Lance
    Know's who Sliver is working for
    ask Sliver for questions (he does not Know the answers)
    during the Story I find Lance
    and then I defect him in battle (not pokemon battle)
    Sliver comes and defects me again!

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