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  1. chimchar8
    February 19th, 2011 2:58 PM
    hey when are you coming back??
  2. chimchar8
    July 28th, 2010 8:35 AM
    Trainer look

    Team:charizard pigeot butterfree rhydon tauros and salamance.

    first apperance: violet gym trainer
    team:pigey butterfree and tauros

    second apperance: charasific valley
    pigeoto butterfree tauros charizard[stolen] bagon[stolen]
    after battle he fleds with the stolen pokemon [silver lets him]

    third apperance : mt mortar
    pigeot butterfree tauros charizard shelgon rhyhorn

    fourth apperance: silver conferance
    pigeot butterfree tauros charizard salamance rhydon [all level 53]

    last apperance: orre [your choice] collseum
    charizard pigeot butterfree tauros salamance rhydon [all level 60]

    just put me in a collseum where they have room if you dont have any room just put me beside the pokemon center in violet city with the same team at the same level interact with me for a match.

    oh yeah story
    a trainer from violet city training with falkner until silver defeats falkner he decides to go on a journey silver is his role model so he steals pokemon like silver did he is silvers good friend and a helpful person his mom and dad live in goldenrod there house is beside bills parents house. in the end he decides to train with falkner hopeing to become the future gym leader of violet city just like his sister whitney.

    BTW make him have whitney as his older sister.

    Thank you!!

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