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  1. Crystal-Heart
    October 20th, 2010 2:22 AM
    Its about the same, but its usually more frequented then Danbooru.
  2. TwilightBlade
    October 19th, 2010 6:34 PM
    Oh cool. Maybe I'll check that out.

    The original work had most of the protagonists on it, if that helps. ^^;
  3. Crystal-Heart
    October 19th, 2010 6:32 PM
    Oh, okay. I'll probably come across it then, since all art posted on danbooru ends up on gelbooru at some point.

  4. TwilightBlade
    October 19th, 2010 6:22 PM
    Google search danbooru; it's an art site. Try to get a safe filter or something. Some people post nasty art on that site. :(
  5. Crystal-Heart
    October 18th, 2010 5:50 PM
    Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the picture of Dawn/Hikari in your sig?

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