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  1. Tyrantrum
    July 20th, 2010 6:00 PM
    Okay, let's g-- oh... oh, oh GOD! wtf are they doing? D:
  2. BHwolfgang
    July 20th, 2010 11:38 AM
    Yay! Recess! Let's go play at the swings, Michael. :D
  3. Tyrantrum
    July 19th, 2010 1:02 PM
    They run away to go play somewhere else... :|
  4. BHwolfgang
    July 19th, 2010 12:29 PM
    Oh, yeah? We'll see what happens when your Eevee battles my Poochyena. :
  5. Tyrantrum
    July 15th, 2010 8:07 PM
    No it does not. >:(
  6. BHwolfgang
    July 15th, 2010 4:18 PM
    lmfao. Yeah, I got that. XD That's because Eevee wants to be bitten.
  7. Tyrantrum
    July 14th, 2010 9:05 AM
    RAPPIT! do you get it? huh? huh? :D

    zombie eevee can't approve. :( Regular Eevee does, though. ;D
  8. BHwolfgang
    July 14th, 2010 7:14 AM
    Oui, stop making fun of my rabbit obsession. :(

    Zombie Eevee does not approve!!
  9. Tyrantrum
    July 11th, 2010 9:07 PM
    EEVEE NO-- wait, you lier... you just said that because you're mad about the Hippity-hoppity crap thing.
  10. BHwolfgang
    July 11th, 2010 9:03 PM
    I can see the zombie catching Eevee like a frisbee and start feasting on it..... disturbing.

    Hey! The Black commmunity does not like that attitude of yours!
  11. Tyrantrum
    July 11th, 2010 8:55 PM

    lol, "Eevee, use Tackle on that zombie's head! And make sure it doesn't ****ing bite you!" XD
  12. BHwolfgang
    July 11th, 2010 8:42 PM
    Kid Cudi and Wale are not repetitive Hip-Hop artists. :| Take that back.

    ... Really!? XD; I thought everyone knew that by now. We'd kill zombies with Pokemons!
  13. Tyrantrum
    July 11th, 2010 8:29 PM
    Ew, hip-hop sucks. D: It's annoying and sometimes repetitive. Like rap. Rap sucks too.

    I never new the EXP. Share did that. :o MIND somewhat BLOWN!

    WHOO! Die zombies! >:D
  14. BHwolfgang
    July 11th, 2010 8:18 PM
    Oh dear.... where's the Hip-Hop? D: That's too much screaming for me.

    You don't have to! :) It's only... 9,999 cash points for one Protein. Remember that an Exp. Share doubles the E.V. points of a Pokemon!

    Yes! Yours was so short and simple. lmfao. We shall form a team that kill zombies when the invasion starts.
  15. Tyrantrum
    July 8th, 2010 8:50 PM
    Heavy Metal, Post-hardcore, Death Metal, Deathcore, etc. Anything metal-ish, except old-metal like Metallica. Maybe Slayer...

    I tried in Platinum a little. I don't have the patience really, and there's no point if I can't access wifi. D: Plus, I need more battle points to get the other EV training items. :(

    I believe I did. XD Did you read mine? With the TDWP song in it? XD

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