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Conversation Between giradialkia and qaz015393
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  1. qaz015393
    September 11th, 2013 3:11 PM
    thanks gira & happy birthday.
  2. qaz015393
    September 10th, 2013 6:46 PM
    Thank you. And sorry for nagging you about it. It is I was just thinking of the story too much and also was also stressed from work to think enough *I know it's no excuse but my job makes me feel like a zombie when I get home*. I will remember not to rush when posting late at night. With that being said, can you pm the story line from the thread. I realized after I submitted it I didn't copy it. Again sorry for the trouble *and all the nagging*.
  3. giradialkia
    September 9th, 2013 5:38 PM

    Your team thread has been locked already. Generally we don't delete threads unless absolutely necessary- in your case, simply having it locked will do.

    Regarding the thread you submitted: if you submit a thread and it doesn't meet requirements, it will be deleted/disapproved. Your thread was deleted due to an insufficient/lacking introduction, which I take it is amongst the things you wanted to add? :) Just make sure you meet the necessary requirements for a thread before hitting "submit", and it'll be approved.

    So what you do now is, resubmit the thread with the bits you want to add, added. If you need the thread content you should've kept a copy of it for yourself just in case! I can forward it to you in a PM as soon as I can. ;)
  4. qaz015393
    September 9th, 2013 2:26 PM
    HI giradialkia, I would like to let you know I reported my old thread in team discussions some time yesterday & am waiting for it to be deleted/locked. And also would like to know if my new thread I made recently was approved because if not I would like the opportunity to change a few things in it including the name to try and make it approved.
  5. qaz015393
    September 8th, 2013 12:59 PM
    hi, I would like to edit the thread in Team Discussions, Team Revenge. When I made it I forgot some things that are listed in the rules so if I can, I would like to edit it so it has a better shot of being approved.

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