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  1. Orinjmate
    November 7th, 2010 3:10 AM
    Haha, indeed I have mistaken you for chaos rush.
  2. giradialkia
    November 7th, 2010 3:02 AM
    I've actually never released an Emerald Clean-Up patch- I think you may be confusing me with Chaos Rush The only patch I've given out to people is one that replaces all OWs with FR OWs, and that's not even public yet :D
  3. Orinjmate
    November 7th, 2010 2:27 AM
    Hey, um ... is it normal for no scripts to work with your emerald clean-up patch? I mean my scripts are perfectly fine and I have tried compiling them onto different offsets but all of them just freeze everything (except for the music)...
  4. Orinjmate
    October 1st, 2010 1:10 AM
    Yeah Tilemolester seems a hell of a lot more compicated to use than NSE. On WAH it's shown that you can very easily edit tile animations but you need to know the offset first...
  5. giradialkia
    September 30th, 2010 1:09 PM
    Well, I've never used NSE for anything but OverWorlds, but a sure-fire, straightforward way is by using a tool like TileMolester. If you load the palette of the tileset you wish to edit (in this case the sand-palette, I believe?) then scroll through the entire thing (doesn't take as long as you'd think) you'll eventually find where all the animations are. I believe the first one is the default flower, so if you see something that resembles that, you're there. And from there you can edit most/all of the animations for tiles, like the water tile, various flowers of the game, etc. So (more of) my advice is to just use TileMolester- but I'm kinda biased, so if someone can help you out with NSE it's probably easier.
  6. Orinjmate
    September 30th, 2010 12:53 PM
    That's exactly what I did a few days ago and it definately is animated, no my trouble is I don't know how to find image offsets on NSE for animated tiles
  7. giradialkia
    September 30th, 2010 10:24 AM
    Hey Emerald expert, is the sand at the bottom of the basic tileset in emerald an animation or can I change it just by inserting the tileset into A-Map with different tiles there?
    Not that I'm stalking VMs or anything, but I just happened to come across this VM more recently than your post in the thread.

    Regardless as to whether or not this has been answered, I'd like to say that you should just get a copy of the ROM and try on it. It'd be a heck of a lot faster for you.
    For stuff like tile inserting or sprite stuff it's easier to just try it first (just not on your good ROM, in case something awful happens )

    Just my advice.

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