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  1. Spinosaurus
    September 12th, 2013 9:39 AM
    Shame they delayed the game. November is my birthday so it would have been perfect. :(
  2. Jeremy
    September 12th, 2013 9:36 AM
    Same here! But then again, I'm hyped for a lot of games coming out.
  3. Spinosaurus
    September 12th, 2013 9:34 AM
    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze has ALL my attention at the moment.
  4. Jeremy
    September 12th, 2013 9:33 AM
    What are you excited for?
  5. Spinosaurus
    September 12th, 2013 9:31 AM
    Nah, it's not something I'm that excited for. I never donate for kickstarters anyway.
  6. Jeremy
    September 12th, 2013 9:27 AM
    Did ya donate? I'm planning on putting down at least 60, but I might go for 250.
  7. Spinosaurus
    September 12th, 2013 9:23 AM
    Yeah, hoping for a 3DS release to go with all the classic Mega Man games on the eShop. Or a Vita.
  8. Jeremy
    September 12th, 2013 9:16 AM
    Same here. =p

    I take it you heard about Mighty No. 9?
  9. Spinosaurus
    August 17th, 2013 8:37 AM
    Quite evident that I adore platformers. Though I really don't limit myself (or at least I try to) in what kind of games I play. If I like it, well, I like it. :P
  10. Jeremy
    July 30th, 2013 6:37 PM
    Most definetly, the fact he's back in Tropical Freeze is the icing on the cake, sweetie.

    So games what are you into anyway?
  11. Spinosaurus
    July 28th, 2013 3:02 PM
    Same here! Makes me glad he's back for Tropical Freeze, made all the better by the fact DKCTF's OST could be uploaded by the time my birthday comes, which is 4 days before the game's release.
  12. Jeremy
    July 26th, 2013 6:29 PM
    It's my favorite VG OST, and possibly David Wise's finest work, sweetie. XD
  13. Spinosaurus
    July 24th, 2013 11:05 AM
    Let's be honest, we doesn't? :P
  14. Jeremy
    July 23rd, 2013 6:21 PM
    I heard you like DKC2's Soundtrack, we must be friends now, sweetie. =p

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