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  1. .Lacie
    January 11th, 2014 1:00 PM
    Changed down to Hawlucha and Tentacool XD Sorry for the changes~
  2. Kaitou
    January 11th, 2014 9:53 AM
    Sure thing. I'll get started cloning them today. Give me like 3 hours since I've a few things to do here and there. Is the Shroomish male or female btw? Trying to think of a name lol.
  3. .Lacie
    January 11th, 2014 9:11 AM
    Changed to Tentacool, Bunnelby and Gible~ I can name the Shroomish if you want~
  4. Kaitou
    January 10th, 2014 7:58 PM
    Hey, sorry, just got your message! Which Staryu did you want? The nicknamed one or HP Ground one? Also, I'm not sure yet I want to trade my own Litwick away but I can trade you one where I'm not OT. Unless, you're after the fact that you can nickname it. I guess. XD

    I'm interested in your Helioptile, Pancham and Shroomish if I can get it named too. Scratch the Helioptile. Nidoran male instead please.
  5. .Lacie
    January 9th, 2014 6:54 AM
    Hi there~ Interested in your Shiny

    I can offer:
    6IV Adaman Chimchar with HA and Egg Moves
    Modest Rotom 6IVs
    Adamant Bagon 6IVs HA Egg Moves
    Timid Vulpix HA 6IVs
    Timid Houndoom 6IVs EV Trained Spe/SpA
    Modest Braixen 6IVs HA Egg Moves
    Careful Trevenant HA 6IVs
    Impish Chespin 6IVs HA Egg Moves
    Modest Zorua 6IVs
    Modest Charmander HA 6IVs Egg Moves
    Adamant Elekid 6IVs Egg Moves
    Timid Helioptile HA 6IVs
    Modest Amaura 6IVs
    Adamant Inkay 6IVs HA Egg Moves
    Adamant Larvitar 6IVs Egg Moves
    Adamant Absol HA Flawless 5IVs
    Timid Gastly Flawless 5IVs
    Impish Skarmory Flawless 5IVs Egg Moves
    Jolly Pancham Iron Fist Flawless 5IVs
    Bold Chansey Flawless 5IVs Egg Moves
    Modest Squirtle Flawless 5IVs
    Timid Volcarona Flawless 5IVs
    Adamant Metagross Flawless 5IVs EV Trained in HP/Atk
    Jolly Kangaskhan Flawless 5IVs
    Jolly Cloyster HA Flawless 5IVs EV Trained Atk/Spe
    Adamant Tyrunt Flawless 5IVs With Fangs and DD
    Jolly Charmander Flawless 5IVs with DD, Dragon Pulse Outrage and FlareBlitz
    Jolly Axew Flawless 5IVs
    Adamant Fletchling HA Flawless 5 Vs
    Modest Litwick Flawless 5IVs
    Adamant EggMove Mawile lvl100 Flawless 5IVs
    Jolly Drilbur Flawless 5IVs
    Adamant Aerodactyl Flawless 5IVs
    Adamant Baton Pass Scizor Flawless 5IVs
    Timid Noibat Flawless 5IVs Egg Move
    Impish Gliscor Flawless 5IVs
    Bold Eevee Flawless 5IVs Egg Moves
    Modest Ralts Female Flawless 5IVs with Mega Stone
    Timid Nidoran Male Flawless 5IVs
    Timid Froakie HA Flawless 5IVs
    Brave Aegislash 5IVs xSpe Egg Moves
    Modest Bulbasaur Flawless 5IVs

    Adamant 4IV Shroomish xSpA xDef Nicknamable.

    Just PM/VM~ Thanks~

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