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  1. Clover Cat
    November 21st, 2009 5:01 PM
    Clover Cat
    And Eggman...Oh, crap.

    Yeah, I second that.
    Tails: I don't!
    Clo~: Maybe we should take a vote.
    It won't matter. Authoress powers, remember?

    Mandy: ...*glares*
    Grim: O.O
    Neville: Hey, Grim, d'you know what...*sees Clover and Sadako in the distance* O.O


    Clo~:Hold on! *whips up a picture of Metal Sonic* How's this?

    That sucks. D8 *hugs* Oooh, lucky. And how cute. X3
  2. The Girl from the Well
    November 19th, 2009 6:09 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    I dunno...and I remember hail...ouch...*rubs head*

    Sonic: Th-that isn't the reason...///
    Bijou~: Right...
    Eee~ *hugs her own tail*
    Bijou~: Can't we go back now? Besides, couldn't you too just use your authoress powers to go home?
    ...It's more fun this way?


    Knight of the Wind? I FREAKING LOVE IT TOO 8D

    Bijou~: Oh no, then we can't stop her...crap.

    Because mah legs got hurted 8[ But Sonic helps me get around X3
  3. Clover Cat
    November 19th, 2009 5:50 PM
    Clover Cat
    *meanwhile, in a dark place* Ugh...where are we? I remember something about karma...

    *also walks out, looking like the fox pic* *squeals* Kewl~now I'm half fox! That's almost like being a cat, except better because now I have a fluffy tail~*starts chasing tail around in circles*
    Tails: ...*blush*
    Clo~: It's the tails. It's gotta be.
    Tails: Wha-!?

    Mandy: ...
    Grim: Oh dear mama...

    Hmm, I think I like His World or the one on your profile, though. XD

    Clo~: Let me see...umm...*rummages around* Well, Clo wasn't a fan of Sonic until recently, so I don't have any hedgehogs...

    Yay~ (and really, you can't walk? D8 Why?)
  4. The Girl from the Well
    November 18th, 2009 6:06 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Sonic: *runs*
    Metal: *hovers*

    *Clo is now stuck with Sadako, them both transforming*
    Bijou~: You MORONS! *flies to turn it off halfway* ...Uh oh...
    *walks out, looking like the wolf picture I posted* ...Whoa! Look at me! D8
    Sonic: .../////
    Bijou~: I think Sonic likes it.
    Sonic: NO! Uh-um...I don't?


    This awesomeness. <3

    Bijou~: Okay! Is there anything for Sadako?

    Yep, and yep! Check them out(omg I can't walk D:)!
  5. Clover Cat
    November 18th, 2009 3:15 PM
    Clover Cat
    Tails: *sighs* Here we go again...*flies up*

    (Oooh, I like that idea, yes I do. XD Roll te clip!)


    What's Dreams of an Absolution?

    Clo~: Wait, I know! Give me a minute...*starts rummaging around in clover's closet* There we go! *yanks out life-sized Tails doll* We can replace him with this!

    Alright, I let him know, and he says we can still be the co-owners. Are we ready to close ADAN V.2? And you can edit screenshots? Kewl. <:
  6. The Girl from the Well
    November 16th, 2009 7:38 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Sonic: ...I guess so. Crap. Well, we better chase after it then.

    (We'll pretend we look like the pictures I posted. You'll be a foxcat and I'm a wolf. 8B So, we'll get stuck, someone will stop it before it's too late, but we're already be animals like Sonic and Tails. Just not a full were-whatever. XL)


    *humming to what sounds more like Dreams of an Absolution*

    Bijou~: Umm...uh...hmm...I don't know...we're just doomed?

    Sure. We could do that, I'm too busy working on stuff like editing Sonic X screenshots...I think they look pretty good...
  7. Clover Cat
    November 16th, 2009 5:42 PM
    Clover Cat
    CURSE YOU, KARMAAAAA!!! AND EGGMAN!!! *also abducted*
    Tails: Well, we have peace now, but...
    Metal: ...we're going to have to save them, aren't we?

    (GAH. <3 That's awesome. What are you planning, Sadako?)

    Oh no! I feel another fangasm coming on...

    TO THE UNDERWORLD!!! *Charge*

    *more gibberish*

    Clo~: How do you distract two fangirls on rampage?

    I don't think I should be owner any more...I just don't think I'll be that active. You could be owner, or dream (and he's agreed to accept if we decide to let him take up ownership). I could still be co-owner, I guess, since I didn't really do much when I first received the title anyway. 8P
  8. The Girl from the Well
    November 12th, 2009 6:39 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    *muffled* KARMAAAAAAAA! *abducted*
    Sonic: What? *looks up* Oh no...not Eggman...I WAS JUST ABOUT TO WIN!

    (I made you a gift. I hope you like this!
    XL Join in what I'm gonna do, and we'll pretend we look like that, and this
    OH! Hold on, I gotta make sure the werehog machine's off. *goes to machine, accidentally turns it on* AAAAHHHHH!


    In his world, of worlds, every step, meets the rest!

    Sonic: Please...let...go...
    Hmm...lemme think-NO. X3

    We could still be owners, and either revive the thread, or make another one.
  9. Clover Cat
    November 11th, 2009 4:37 PM
    Clover Cat
    KARMAAAAA!!!! *Commences to dig out Sadako* *Gets rammed by Banzai Bill* CURSE YOU, MARIO GAME!!!
    Metal: You know, if you keep yelling like that, karma'll probably come back.

    Clo~: So's Clo. It must be a common fangirl illness of late.

    How about...Grim and Mandy? 8D

    In his world (his world!) Where compromise~does not exist~

    Like this one. <3 *Squeezes*
    Tails: No...that's!

    So should we make a new owner? Or restart the club, or someat? I know Dark's been itching to get active again, especially since that fic is taking so long...and zappy and dream want to know what we should do, too.
  10. The Girl from the Well
    November 6th, 2009 3:50 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    DARN YOU KARMAAAA! *shakes fist, then a bunch of hail lands on Sadako*
    Sonic: But there's no clouds or anything!
    Tails: It's karma again.

    Sonic: Whaa?
    Bijou~: Sorry. Sadako's been acting really affectionate lately. Which is sort of strange...

    Okay! ...Who'd be a minor character?

    In his world (His world!) Life's an open book!

    Whoops, was that the actual Sonic and Metal?
    Sonic: Y-yes...guh...
    Some of them look so lifelike. X3

    Yeah, sure. I got really busy, so I'll see if I can be active again. Umbri's been really bored...
  11. Clover Cat
    November 5th, 2009 5:23 PM
    Clover Cat
    Cuz Karma hates meh. -.-

    We must be getting farther into space...*Huggles Tails*

    We could always go after - I mean, ask the minor characters...

    *Back to chorus!* In his world~(His world!) Where one~is all~

    Tails: Glad that's not...
    TAILS!!! *Tackleglomps*
    Clo~: Chao, chao chao.

    Also, dream and zappy want to know whether to revive ADAN. I'm all for it, what about you?
  12. The Girl from the Well
    November 1st, 2009 8:07 PM
    The Girl from the Well
    Aw, how come you are so unlucky? D8

    Heh, yeah. XL It's getting cold outside...*snuggles Sonic* X3

    Hmm...I don't think so...

    *mindless a capella singing by Sadako*

    EEEEEEE~ *glomps Metal and Sonic at the same time*
  13. Clover Cat
    October 26th, 2009 5:01 PM
    Clover Cat
    I have completely lost track of this game. *Rolls dice* Bowser Space again!?

    Well, I've heard of a lot of fortune tellers. You never know. XD

    Hm, are we missing anyone's autograph?

    *Commence mindless babbling because Clover can't talk fast* ~~~

    Hmm...*Looks around* Ah! There's one! *Points at a Metal doll right next to Sonic*
  14. The Girl from the Well
    October 24th, 2009 10:24 PM
    The Girl from the Well turn? *goes* Whew, blue space.

    Oh, she's in SA2(B), you probably don't know her either. XL

    Whoot!...Now what?

    In his world, of worlds, every step, meets the rest!

    GAH *Pichu doll was on her* ...Any Sonic or Shadow dolls?
  15. Clover Cat
    October 24th, 2009 5:30 PM
    Clover Cat
    Tails: Seriously...
    So let's move on!

    Fortune teller? What fortune teller?

    Yay! *Gives to Olga to sign*

    In his world (His world~)! Where compromise~Does not exist~

    *sees a Pichu doll* ZOMG PICHUUUUU *tackleglomps*

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