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Conversation Between derozio and Fairy

Conversation Between derozio and Fairy
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  1. derozio
    November 13th, 2014 5:44 AM
    also that collection - awesome, ain't it? I plan to get all them volumes someday! :DDD

    oh, and college life's been hectic haha. in case you're wondering why i died or something lol
  2. derozio
    November 13th, 2014 5:42 AM
    i kik'd you with my brand new smartphone (YES I FINALLY GOT ONE) and it told me that Jo hasn't been online in quite a while. ;______;
    first image taken from my new phone :3 (obviously had to reduce res)
  3. derozio
    October 21st, 2014 7:36 AM
    I know you're probably very busy so read it when you're free. Also, a very happy birthday, precious. <3
  4. derozio
    September 26th, 2014 4:36 AM
    Distant memory of something nice? Oh shut the **** up, you ass. >_>

    You're an important person for me. There's no way in hell I'd ever leave you behind. I really, really treasure our friendship. I mean it. I'll be sending you a PM later today. You know, just so we can talk about everything you and I have missed telling each other. And it has been ages since our last exchange, yeah? :)
  5. Fairy
    September 25th, 2014 10:11 PM
    you've grown up so much :')

    You know, I really wanted to give you distance to find yourself and be happy in that crazy world beyond PC so that, should it happen that you left, I would have been a distant memory of something nice that you merely outgrew. No harm, no foul. But I have to tell you it makes me so, so happy to hear from you again. God I missed you so much dude. We have so much to catch up on! :DDD
  6. derozio
    September 25th, 2014 9:00 PM
    hi jo I'm getting a new phone soon (if I do well in the upcoming exams hopefully!!!) and I'll have kik on it so...I just felt like sharing this! :D how's life been for you? Its been 3 months in college for me now. And it has been pretty damn hectic. Fun. But hectic. :(
  7. derozio
    August 22nd, 2014 5:50 AM
    i'm pretty sure they don't even know that something like "tacos" exist XD; Neither do I have any idea about how it looks or tastes like lmfao. you treating me to some the day we meet, kay? <3

    also life's been a little busy on my side with my first college exams and all! which is kinda the reason you see less of me over here - what about you? how's it been? :3 OH AND MGS5 WILL COME ON STEAM!! I WILL GET TO PLAY GROUND ZEROES AND MGS5!!!!! THATS SO ****ING AMAZING JO I'M SO EXCITED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Fairy
    August 21st, 2014 8:07 PM
    I had a dream about you last night haha

    Nick and I came to visit you and your parents insisted on cooking us "American food" so they made us tacos. It was a pretty great dream lol
  9. derozio
    August 11th, 2014 6:00 AM
    my alexial257 has changed so much <3
  10. derozio
    August 9th, 2014 5:05 AM
    i realize not in a&d but just in a&m right now but yeah. :p
  11. derozio
    August 9th, 2014 5:04 AM
    no tho srsly im already starting to be back in full force :3
  12. derozio
    August 9th, 2014 4:34 AM
    come around on skype moar often :( also i know i should come here more often but..well, read that super-long blog entry of mine when you get the time! :p
  13. Fairy
    August 8th, 2014 10:40 PM
    miss uuuu
  14. derozio
    July 25th, 2014 11:17 PM
    you da man
    now pass this around to three others who are da man!
  15. Fairy
    July 23rd, 2014 11:49 AM
    also Nick and I each got a One Piece game. New Adventures or something? Idk details to comeeeeee!

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