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  1. derozio
    January 8th, 2013 4:18 AM
    Check out my profile pic, btw. :D
  2. derozio
    January 8th, 2013 4:17 AM
    You probably won't have to search for long if you desire a chopper plushie. I mean, guy's pretty much the One Piece mascot by now. People adore him. o3o;

    lmao. Well, weird stuff tends to get more creative as time goes by so that's a plus. :p

    Oh, I see. Well, Bakuman's pretty darn awesome too. It is written very well and art style is pretty awesome. Slam Dunk is a pretty old show but it is one of the best sports anime so give it a shot sometime. :D And I know about Sakura - I loved her in the beginning of part 2 where she made herself a little useful. And she showed monstrous strength - one thing I loved about Tsunade. <3; Ah, well, FMAB follows the manga while FMA was its own piece of work. It did follow the manga for the initial episodes, tho. :p

    Having read all that, I think I'm gonna give 7 Seeds (repopulation ftw + deep theme = my thing), Sprite, Molester Man and RealPG (I wanted to check out SAO so I'll watch this as well. Seems interesting) a shot sometime soon. I'm watching Samurai X currently and it is almost 100 episodes long so maybe after that. :D But yes, thank you for the recommendations and the explanations, Dustin! <3;
  3. Jellicent♀
    January 6th, 2013 10:57 AM
    Of course! <3

    Yeah I know! I still love him and want a plushie of him. <3

    His monstrous strength is why I love him so much. But yeah idk I like all the weird magics and whatnot. xD

    Bahaha, sorry, I meant to say idk what Bakuman or Slam Dunk is. Everything else I've tapped into a little bit. DEATH NOTE'S FINALE WAS PERFECT TBQH. <3 I still say if it weren't for Rem, L would have won and Light would have been taken down right then and there. Yeah Naruto got pretty lame in Shippuden, but Sakura omg. <3 Idk why but I love characters with huge physical strength. o3o I know what a Kaleidoscope is omg. xD I just didn't wanna spell it out. o3o" And I hate romance kinda stuff. :c I never read FMA manga, but people said it's just the anime, and I watched it before I found out there was a manga, so I said screw it. xD

    Yeah I has a lot I keep up with. ouo"
    7 Seeds is awesome. It's about five groups of seven people that have been frozen in cryogenic capsules. They wake up some years into the future because there was a meteor that was gonna hit the Earth and cause another mass extinction like it did with the dinosaurs. The capsules were programmed with a computer that determined whether or not life outside the chambers was stable enough to let a human live in. Once it determined that the world is stable, they opened. However, each group was located in different parts of Southeast Asia, mainly around Japan. So the premise is to see if they can repopulate the Earth, and each of the characters has their own story as to how and why they're there. it is REALLY deep.

    RealPG is kinda like that Sword Art Online thingy. People walk into a building after playing a game on their smart phones, and are now an actual part of the game and can die. Is alright.

    Popcorn Avatar is cute. Goddesses and Demons are fighting in a war. But, if they fought in their natural form, they would destroy the world. The goddesses, wanting to avoid that, put everyone in the war in a human form. Each one participating in the war can choose a human to use their powers for them, and fight for them. Making the humans their avatar. Is neat. not a super deep plot or anything, but neat.

    Pine in a Flower Garden is about a boy in high school who has a legit phobia for every flower in the world and wishes death upon them all. That's rly all it's about and he makes friends etc etc. is a school life manwha.

    Sprite is difficult to explain, rly. xD Is abuot these teen girls and some gangster who accidentally "avoid time". Time comes through as a giant black tidal wave, or black rain that floods everything. Anything caught in the black water ages. However, those who aren't in the water, stay as if time never affected tem. The world under the time water continues on like nothing happened. Only a select few,t hose with serious regrets, can actually "see time", thus giving them the ability to escape it. Now they're all a few hundred years into the future, they missed everything in their time, and now...yeah that's about it. xD

    Molester Man is about a boy who was mistaken as a rapist, and now him recovering from that and junk. Is cute, too.
  4. derozio
    January 6th, 2013 9:57 AM
    Thank you for believing in me! <3;

    Haha, well that's just his characteristic trait. He won't be chopper anymore if he didn't do that. XD; But yeah, fair enough. :p

    Yes, it certainly was. And it reminded us of his monstrous strength too. XD; And I guess if you put it that does sound a bit interesting. :D

    Bakuman is about two kids getting together to make manga. It is pretty good. And Slam Dunk is, pretty much, the king of shonen sports manga I've seen as of yet. Prince of tennis is about, well, tennis. Death Note is..wait. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN DEATH NOTE? OMG ;; Watch it nao, man. It is really good. As for FMA - well, FMAB was the one which followed the manga so it is to be expected. :3 As for NS - I liked Naruto. Naruto Shippuden kinda...bored me. Stuff like fight with Pain and Jiraya's death and all that was pretty good but...Naruto just didn't seem all that good to me in part two. I still read manga but that's primarily because I do it just for the sake of being updated with it. And I know it is ending sometime soon, so yeah. As for Ginban Kaleidoscope (that triangular glass thing which lets you see patterns if you see through it. That's what a Kaleidoscope is :P), it is a romance. Sort of. But I really liked it when I watched it a few years ago. I was particularly new to anime back then, tho.

    And wow, that's quite a lot! O_o' Never heard about 7 Seeds, RealPG, Popcorn Avatar, Pine in Flower Garden, Sprite and Molester Man, tho. :p What are they about?
  5. Jellicent♀
    January 5th, 2013 9:05 PM
    Nuuuu. ;A; I wasn't trying to pressure you or anything! I just think you so good, so rly, you COULDN'T do wrong. c:

    Idk I think its his way of taking a compliment or something that just annoys me. xD Otherwise he's brilliant, strong, and uber cute.

    Bahaha, true dat. The chapter to himself was adorable though. xD But don't get me wrong, Crash is one of my favorite magics. <3 And Mystogans magic is one I've always fantasized. Like, we he have more spells with more staves, could he summon more staves, does each staff only hold one spell, and combining more staves create a whole new, stronger spell? I think that's what interests me the most. c':

    Idk what either of those are tbh. o3o" What they about? And FMA and FMA:B were rly good, did not like the first's ending though...was vury lacking. And aw you no like Naruto Shippuden? D: Sakura finally got epic! Never heard of Ginban Kalsdiasfjuahg, and junk. xD

    Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece, 7 Seeds, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Sprite, Molester Man, Gakuen Babysitters, RealPG, Dragon Collection, Claymore, Popcorn Avatar, Tower of God, Pine in the Flower Garden, ...and prolly more I'm forgetting about. ;u;
  6. derozio
    January 5th, 2013 10:46 AM
    wow, i can feel the pressure of your expectations weighing me down. ;; But like I always say, I'll try my best whenever I give it a shot! <3;

    Annoying? Aww, why? ;;

    Well, we've seen him in not so serious mood while he visited the guild and then we had like one or two instances where he got serious and went all BAMF. And then we had a whole chapter dedicated to him, too. But that's still not enough in my eyes. Probably because I adore him so much. lol And yeah, Mystogan's magic is pretty interesting primarily because it is so different from other people's stuff. Dragonslayers (or variations) are pretty common in FT these days too. :p

    Well, I'm into Bakuman and Slam Dunk right now apart from One Piece. Used to love anime like FMA, FMA:B, The Prince of Tennis, Death Note, Naruto (first part), Ginban Kaleidoscope, Code Geass and some others that I don't remember right now. What about you? :D
  7. Jellicent♀
    January 4th, 2013 11:10 PM
    Hellz yeah. B] I know you gonna do a good job regardless of when it comes. B]

    He's adorable! But I find his personality somewhat annoying. ;-;

    He's had enough. Laxus is still my favorite of the three, but I still love Mystogan's magic the most. <3

    What other anime you liek? o3o
  8. derozio
    January 4th, 2013 12:01 PM
    Yeah, totally. I wouldn't dare do a half-assed job on something my first ever customer requested me to do. :p But yeah, will do my best - whenever I do it! :D

    Haha, now that's some simple reasoning. XD; You like chopper too? I mean, he's cute.

    Gildarts haven't had that much screen time from what I've seen in FT. :p But yeah, I guess Mystogan's awesome as well. I personally rank him lower than Gildarts and Laxus, tho. In the badassness scale. Roronoa Zoro solos, tho!
  9. Jellicent♀
    January 3rd, 2013 8:26 PM

    But only when you get back into the swing of things and you has rested yo creative mind. c:But yuh, something with the uber cute frillish and I mean DAMN.CUTE. B]

    Fairy Tail is just cute. I like cute things. Luffy is cute, so I likez him. c:

    Gildarts is pretty badass. he never acts like it unless he's fighting, which has only been shown once when he's actually serious about it. And he was beastly. But everything about him was intimidating and BAMF. B]
  10. derozio
    January 3rd, 2013 7:39 AM
    Well, I'll try. Once I get back in the swing of things. I mean, I'm pretty much in a graphics block at the moment and haven't even touched a single request from my shop yet. ;; I even promised a tag to Leaf Storm but couldn't make anything.

    Well, you pretty much nailed it. Fairy Tail is much more fun-oriented and a little less serious and Bleach is all out action while One Piece is a lot more story oriented than both with action and comedy in adequate amounts. I believe that too. So you putting FT above OP is just personal preference, I guess. Just like I put One Piece above them both. :p

    Well, Mystogan's pretty boss. But if I got the 'badass' feeling from a character in fairy tail, it has to be Gildarts. He resembles Shanks quite a lot but he's got his own appeal. Like his character and how he can be both funny when fooling around and badass when serious. <3; Laxus is pretty damn badass too. But nowhere near Gildarts. :D
  11. Jellicent♀
    January 3rd, 2013 7:02 AM
    still wanna make me an uber cute theme? ;u;
  12. Jellicent♀
    January 2nd, 2013 9:05 AM
    Maybe, I still don't know what i want. DX
    But prepare yourself, cuz the theme would have to be uber cutesy, like lil' mini hearts and pastels and soft colors and junk. xD

    Haha, like I said I'm not entirely too sure about what i love about all three. o3o" But yes, One Piece's story is very deep, especially with the historic factor woven into it and junk. Bleach is pretty much just full on action, and Fairy Tail is more of the "fun" animes, which is a nice refreshing taste from so many that are so dramatic and serious.

    As for favorite arc...hmm. I'd have to say the current one with the Games. Edolas was probably my least favorite, but I think Mystogan was one of my favorite mages when he was still in Earthland. I mean, he had no magic naturally, had to use staves he took from his land, and he STILL fought toe-to-toe with Laxus. How BAMF can you GET?
  13. derozio
    January 2nd, 2013 1:36 AM
    so umm, want me to do a natsu theme for you sometime? :p

    Well, we differ in opinion here. I find Fairy Tail a 'fun' anime with some really good art direction and awesome soundtrack but the story, in my opinion, doesn't even begin to touch the complexity of One Piece's. :p But yes, it is fun to see what kinds of powers Mashima comes up with, I guess. As for Bleach, I like the general art direction (not as much as FT or OP) and the action (a little more than both the other two). But yeah, for me, it is more like OP >> FT > Bleach. :p

    Which arc in FT is your fave, though? I've probably read them all so I'd just like to know. :3
  14. Jellicent♀
    January 2nd, 2013 12:58 AM
    maybe. Natsu IS freaking adorable. cx

    Bahaha. I'm obsessed with all three, but Fairy Tail is above the other two. c:
    And idk rly. I think it's the difference in story, the deeper plotlines, and just the powers of each person. Everyone has their own unique, weird power and I tend to like them all. c:
  15. derozio
    January 2nd, 2013 12:44 AM
    Hmm, cute? Maybe something from Fairy Tail? Natsu? He's got pink hair! :D

    Fairy Tail's first? You're probably my first friend who has kept Fairy Tail above either Bleach or One Piece. Met plenty of people who prefer FT but they kinda..don't really watch the other two so they don't really know what they're talking about. You watch/read all three so..yeah. You know your stuff. XD; What exactly do you like in them, though? :3

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