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  1. derozio
    December 25th, 2012 8:08 PM
    Was this a wise usage, Jelli? :D
  2. (Duzzy<3)
    December 25th, 2012 7:58 PM
    Well the Modu-Modu Close It power is always a nifty lil' trick to have! USE IT WISELY.
  3. derozio
    December 24th, 2012 11:00 PM
    YEAH BABY. I have so much to discover! Gotta go on an adventure finding all I can do with my new-found modu modu no mi powers! lol
  4. (Duzzy<3)
    December 24th, 2012 10:57 PM
    You so welcome! Is you super excited? C:
  5. derozio
    December 24th, 2012 10:54 PM
    -franky style hug- THANK YOU, HOMIE! <33
  6. (Duzzy<3)
    December 24th, 2012 10:45 PM
    OMG. -Luffy-style takedown hug-
    YAY! 8'D
    Congratulations! <3
  7. (Duzzy<3)
    December 22nd, 2012 3:01 PM
    Damn. Maybe we'll see Smoker and the Marines get into the mix against Dofla! o3o
    And ok, you gotta quit shortening the names. xD Idk shortened names, I only know them by their full names. D; Except Luffy, he's a given, and Law. lol. Idk why but I don't feel like that giant broad of a creature really is Big Mom. There's just this gut feeling that it isn't. or maybe I'm just jealous cuz she gets a few tons of salt water taffy from the Fishman Islands. idk.
    D'aw lookit Smoker being all noble and honorable and junk.
    Ten bucks says Akainu is completely unharmed cuz he's a prick. >:c

    Oh...well, nvm then. xD

    A double edge sword indeed. But is ok, since a lot of monster give you incredibly rare equiptment only obtainable by Data Drain!

    Proper closure woulda been better instead of "omg i stayed cuz u said no yay". >:c Vury mad at that.

    Mine's even later. ;D
  8. derozio
    December 11th, 2012 8:51 PM
    Well, either way, once PH ends, we'll be sure to see more of Dofla and his crew. I'd love to see more of Baby 5, especially cuz she's hot. But since Dofla's been hyped up so much, I have a feeling Luffy-Law alliance alone won't be able to do the job. They'll probably have to work with the Kid-Hawkins-Apoo alliance. They were planning to go against the yonkou too, right? So yeah, I can see something like Law + Luffy + Kid + Apoo + Hawkins vs Big Mom + Dofla. :p Actually, it was a result of Smoker's pride. He didn't want to be indebted to Law and thus, instead of trying to finish Vergo off himself and risking Law's life (Vergo had the heart so he could dispose of Law anytime), he chose to get the heart back. I mean, imagine Smoker winning the fight with Vergo but with Law dead. How would a prideful marine like Smoker live his life as he'll be unable to pay Law back since he's dead? So yeah, that's probably why he did that. ;p
    Well, Aokiji sure got messed up there. I'm really wanna see how much Akainu was damaged in their exchange now. ;_;

    We don't celebrate Christmas, sadly. I'm a hindu. lol

    Hmm, I see. A double edged sword, then. :o

    Yeah. I wanted it to continue a bit and end with a proper closure. :(

    /late VM is very late
  9. (Duzzy<3)
    December 2nd, 2012 8:24 AM
    ;n; <3

    The laughing adds to him being a creepy villain, but omg it's SOOOO MUCH LAUGHING. He's just annoying. Dx I think Law would be able to handle himself, and if not, at least stall long enough to get away.Plus with Luffy and the other Strawhats as an ally ain't too bad either. And I didn't see that coming! I always thought Smoker's pride as a Marine was too overpowering for him to do that. I was shocked to see that sweets ide. <3
    Holy crap! I didn't see what happened, but dang you talk about some damage. oAo Whole shin and everything be gone! And omg the chibi Going Sunny is adorable. <3

    You should put it on your Santa list or something. xD

    Oui! It'll cause a game over if your infection level is all red.

    And damn, that was a terrible way to end Reborn! D: Like, wtf?
  10. derozio
    December 2nd, 2012 3:54 AM
    I'm trying my best. But still struggling, nonetheless. :[

    Haha, I guess you don't really like how he's laughing no matter what happens to anybody. Or is there some other reason, hmm? ;p Anyway, yeah, we can see Law already did something that'll bring down Dofla's wrath on him. And seeing Luffy considers law as an ally (read friend) now, he's bound to go against Dofla sometime in the future. Can't wait for that. <3; I'm assuming you read the last chapter. Did you see that coming? Smoker going down and Law's attack, I mean? That was epic. <33; And yeah, definitely. Monet's a relatively detailed character for her to be a fodder/unimportant character. I'm pretty darn sure there'll be two new admirals we'll be seeing soon. Oh, and talking about admirals, did you see what happened to Aokiji in his fight with Akainu? If not:


    Weell, I'll probably do that sometime. But can't see it being soon. Maybe once I have a job or something. :p

    I've heard of Data Drain before. Data drain gives him an advantage in fight but excessive use of it harms the user, right? I think I heard the review guy (the vid link I gave you earlier) say it is fatal for Kite. :o

    See what I mean? :/
  11. (Duzzy<3)
    November 25th, 2012 3:23 PM
    ;A; Well hot damn. ;A;
    You better get on when you can. </3

    Psh, EVERYONE should get into Dolfa's way. I don't like him at all. D:< I'm actually excited in seeing what will happen between the Straw Hats and Big Mam, and of course I'm not really surprised any of this happened, tbh. xD I mean it's Luffy, he's always sticking his neck where he shouldn't. xD Something tells me we're gonna see a LOT more of Mrs. Frosty. I like her powers, though I'm not a fan of her harpy...ness. I do like Rayleigh, he's just so "I'm such a kick ass lemme knock you the Hell out with my glare." Well know I didn't mean for her to use it, I just mean that know she's aware of where the third one is finally! I mean they found the boat, they found Shirahoshi, and maybe she found the remaining one with the Rev. Army! That'd be neat. <3 I wonder if they're going to replace the other two Admiral positions they lost, now that I think about it.

    You could always just get the games for the PS2. o3o

    And Aura is a beast. She is the "daughter" of the game itself, and she's pretty much it's God. Oui! Kite isn't the strongest due to his character class being a Twin Blade. They're known for being uber well balanced in everything. Perfect accuracy in everything as well as evasion. But his Data Drain being the skill the weakens monsters into smaller forms of themselves makes him the strongest. Oui! Skeith gives him another form. You should totes check it all out on YouTube. ouo!

    ...ended? When did it end? o-o
  12. derozio
    November 25th, 2012 10:03 AM
    As much as it hurts to say it; I will disappear too. D:

    We'll both be preparing for our series of exams that being from second week of jan and will last till may. I'll be SUPER active after those, though. :p
    Haha, such a funny pic. But yeah, hurt his friends or do something against his principles (hurt people who the crew care for/ hurt your own comrades and the like), and you're sure to receive a really good bangin' from dat badarse luffy. <3; He's really messing up Dofla's business by doing what is doing right now, though. Not to mention, he's already challenged Big Mam and might be going against another yonkou by messing with Dofla's smiley business. I wonder how the future events will turn out to be. Whatever it may be, I'm sure it'll be epic, to say the least. <3; And I was like "Holy crap, Zoro really has become brutal after time skip" when I saw that panel where he cut Monet into two. I thought she died. But I'm actually kinda glad she didn't. She's an interesting character, imo. I'd love to see more of her in the future. As for Sanji..I guess you're right. Do you like Rayleigh too? Going by that logic, you'd love him. ;p And I doubt that. She might've seen it there with the Revolutionaries, but there's no way she's gonna use it. At least, that's what I think. Although yeah, the revolutionaries possessing a weapon might explain why the government is SO freakin' scared of them in the first place. So they might have it. Luffy's cute when he's not serious, yeah. =D

    Well, if that's the case, I don't think it would've been irritated me that much. And that's too bad. I guess I'll have to watch a playthrough of some guy on youtube to satisfy my desire of playing and knowing a .hack game once. Even though there's no way I'm gonna experience the "playing" part. :<

    I think I heard about Aura in Roots. And that sounds badass. I didn't know Kite is supposed to be the leader. :p Ah well, the protagonists almost always overtake the other characters in terms of power in games so that's not all that surprising. And the "Skeith" inside Haseo allows him to transform into another badass form, amirite? Something that resembled a demonic form. I think I saw it in the anime, iirc. And I watched the G.U movie or something too. But that was a long time ago so I don't really remember anything about it. D:

    Well, it isn't really a series of games, per se. I was actually talking about Hitman Reborn! - a manga, when I told you I know how you felt. It ended a little abruptly. At least you received some sort of proper closure in the games, right? But Reborn ended in a very weird way. It was a little disappointing since I've been following the series for a long time now. So yeah, I guess I can relate. ;_;
  13. (Duzzy<3)
    November 25th, 2012 8:37 AM
    Bahaha. Well I hope that doesn't mean you suddenly disappear from PC, too! ;A;
    HE DOES. At first he's like "I won't kill nobody", and then piss him off and he's all like:
    But Zoro is such a badass he didn't even NEED haki to cut that hoe. She was too damns cared to do anything else against him! That was epic. Sanji, though I'm not his biggest fan looks wise, his strength is what makes me nuts about him. Characters who are human yet who have superhuman strength (like Garp) are always my favorite combat wise. Ya know what? I bet Robin may have found one of the super weapons! oAo That'd be so hardcore. <3 Hey, Luffy is still the cutest to me. <3333

    Well, the way the first four games are built a jump button is a bit unneeded. There aren't any obstacles to be in your way other than a few in the Root Towns. Psh, there would be no fan trasnlated game. :c
    They actually closed the actual server for it, so even if you did get it, it'd be a pointless investment.

    Yes! The guy in my signature is a program invented by a program in the game called "Aura". In the first four games, she actually had a form of a little girl with white hair in a white dress. After .hack//Quarantine, she fused with the world itself to prevent bad things from happening again. When they DID happen, she used her remaining strength to create the Azure Knights, who are based off of Balmung of the Azure Sky, Orca of the Azure Sea, and Kite, who was the leader and main character of the first four games, and leader of the infamous group called the .hackers. The newly formed Azure Knights saw Haseo as a threat due to him having Skeith, a monster that one tried to destroy The World, inside his body. So the Azure Knights attacked Haseo to try and destroy Skeith. Once they realized Haseo was good, they joined him.

    The story is VERY deep and detailed. xD

    What series ended for you? D':
  14. derozio
    November 25th, 2012 5:45 AM
    He'll catch up, I'm sure. ;3 I'll be pretty busy the coming months so I don't think I'll have much time to chat with him, anyway. XD;
    And yeah, I really love how his attitude takes a 180 when he's mad. XD; Oda's really good at rapefaces too. I mean, just look at Zoro's when he cut Monet and Luffy's in the last chapter and you'll know what I mean! <3; And yeah, Robin still hasn't told the others what she did the past two years. Almost all OP fans on forums I go to wonder what Robin was up to those past two years. I mean, she definitely wasn't doing nothing. But how exactly did she get a power-bosst just by living with the revolutionaries? And why was there no one to have taught her haki? But I'm guessing that haki, as an ability, isn't something that can be learned by every single person in a very short amount of time. Luffy, Sanji and Zoro are supposed to be special. They'll always learn stuff much before the other members of the crew do. And much quicker than any normal OP pirate can, as well. Since, well, their growth rate is crazy. :p And pshh, what're you talking about? Sanji's a fave among fans as the best looking strawhat (among guys)! But yeah, I really love one of Franky's designs in OP film Z. I'll probably upload a picture later and show it to you. He's looking badass. <3;

    Hmm, I see. I find the lack of a jump button a major annoyance. But I guess I didn't mind it when I played bulletstorm so I probably won't mind if I play a good game without it. :o And I wish some I could get my hands on a fan translated version. I'd really like to play it once. :<

    Wait, they're two different people or something? O_o'

    Aww. <3; I feel ya, man. I really do. D':
  15. (Duzzy<3)
    November 24th, 2012 8:20 AM
    lol still, Thriller Bark was a while ago. D:
    Bahaha. Luffy's rage is unlike any I have ever seen. It's ridiculous how he gets when he's mad compared to how he's always so carefree and junk. I know, Robin's powers are so impressive, but she can't use haki yet which is a load of crap! What was she doing with Dragon that whole time? D:< Way above Sanji. Sanji's never been my favorite as far as looks go. :c

    Not in the first four. I think they finally added it in the last games, though. It was so severely BAD that I'm not surprised you didn't see anything. It was only released in Japan, though.

    LOL. Ok, Balmung of the Azure Sky is a completely case of conceited when you first meet him. He hates you, thinks you're scum, and then he's all "Omg we shud join u hawt", kinda thing and then doesn't wanna leave you alone. Azure Balmung is a complete case of nothing. Just kill and wipe out traces of the opponent he thinks to be a virus to the game. Azure Balmung is nothing but a inhuman program. But yeah, their is no mystery with Balmung of the Sky, he'll tell you his everything. xD

    I was heartbroken. ;A; Still am to this day. </3

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