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  1. ~Anbuja
    July 12th, 2011 8:56 PM
    this is charakter maker 1999 it's not a tool that let u insert whole tilesets but it makes the tile insertion faster.
    as u asked for how to insert a whole tilest , it's impossible to insert a whole tileset at once unless u are ripping it from somewhere else , like from a rom base or something u have to insert the tiles as shown in the tutorials one by one.
    well charakter maker show's the pallete of the tile u want to insert fro example an pokemon mart there is a section which shows the pallete of it and if it is more than two rows it mean that it have more than 16 colours with background colour or transparency so u have to index it (use irfan view for this) and than copy paste that tiel on another PNG and load it again in charakter maker than it will show 15 plus tranparency if u indexed it right. than u have to hit save pallete and save it as an .act and go to a-map and in the block editor press pallete load pallete from another file and load that act and than just save that tileset u want to change and insert the tiles u won't have to recolour them after charakter maker let u save that original pallete.

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