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Conversation Between WolfSoul and Chiyuki

Conversation Between WolfSoul and Chiyuki
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  1. Chiyuki
  2. WolfSoul
    September 1st, 2009 3:01 PM
    Let you and Seo know* that I will probably be leaving this forum* <--- corrections.
  3. WolfSoul
    September 1st, 2009 3:00 PM
    Lol.. haha I absolutely LOVE writing... I write lyrics, poems, and such all the time.. haha and people actually like my writing Oh also, thought I would you and Seo know that I will probably leaving this forum. Since i'm not really doing much here... and i'm not all that into pokemon anymore, (at least not like before) I might be leaving for good. So maybe we can exchange either, msn, aol/aim, googletalk, or skype accounts so that we can talk elsewhere, because once I decide i'm leaving i'll be deleting my bookmark for this page =/
  4. Chiyuki
    September 1st, 2009 1:22 PM
    Just a doodle and something I entered for a contest. Me loves my math xD. I don't do so well in writing though...

    Yes, procrastinators unite! Er... Tomorrow xD.
  5. WolfSoul
    August 29th, 2009 7:59 AM
    Lol what type of drawing? and I don't like math AT ALL.. just.. math in general. Lol.. absolutely hate it. Now.. if you put me in front of something like Literature.. i'm total pwnge. I like to write lots of lyrics and poems and other things. I'm also a procrastinator I have 2 projects, one's for tuesday and i'm thinking of doing it on monday.. lol.. *hi5s you*
  6. Chiyuki
    August 29th, 2009 5:01 AM
    I don't like Geometry. I'm more of a number person really... Algebra makes me feel good . I'm probably going to draw something this weekend... There's a project I need to finish too, but I'm such a procrastinator xD. But speaking of drawing, I finally put my DA to use, after almost a year >.<.
  7. WolfSoul
    August 28th, 2009 1:27 PM
    Lol geometry.. All the shapes and what not drive me crazy... thank God I finished my geometry homework yesterday, and it's due on monday So what are you gonna do this weekend?
  8. Chiyuki
    August 28th, 2009 1:22 PM
    I haven't had that much homework... Most of my teachers give you time to do it in class. It's more like school work that you can take home to do. However, my Geometry teacher wants you to explain EVERYTHING, which takes forever to do.
  9. WolfSoul
    August 28th, 2009 2:33 AM
    LOL my locker combination is extremely easy! It's very easy to remember lol. Haha.. they've assigned tons of homework already, and 2 projects as well.. lol.. teachers aren't playing around this year.. xD
  10. Chiyuki
    August 27th, 2009 2:18 PM
    Hey, same as me! Most of my friends in different states or countries start on a Monday.

    The year so far is pretty uneventful. I was sort of lost for the first few days... And I still can't remember my locker combo xD.
  11. WolfSoul
    August 23rd, 2009 3:41 PM
    Heh it started on thursday. I have a feeling that this school year is actually gonna be pretty interesting. How's your school year?
  12. Chiyuki
    August 23rd, 2009 10:31 AM
    So... When's school going to be starting up for you?
  13. WolfSoul
    August 22nd, 2009 10:44 PM
    Hehe Alright, and yeah... I should've turned the volume up on my voice. =/ But... yeah...
  14. Chiyuki
    August 22nd, 2009 3:02 PM
    Coolio. Although I couldn't really hear you when you were Cloud and when I turned it up, everyone else's voice was too loud >.<. I'll subscribe, but I don't use my YouTube a whole lot.

    Oh, by the way, school has started for me, so I probably won't get on everyday.
  15. WolfSoul
    August 18th, 2009 7:45 PM
    Haha here are some links on some fandubs I've made, 2 of them are with a friend of mine, and one is by myself:

    Please tell me what you think, and if you like the vids please subscribe to me on Youtube : D

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