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  1. Danny-E 33
    March 17th, 2012 11:40 AM
    Danny-E 33
    Hello Swampert,

    So I am very new the PokeCommunity, but not so new to rom editing, although i am no expert! I just have a few questions, suggestions, and requests if you care to take the time to read this. I was wondering if you know where the information in a rom is found for everything in the titlescreen? Like the big "POKEMON" across the top of the titlescreen and where it says "Red Version" for example. And any ideas how to edit them? I would imagine theyre probably images, not text, so a program to edit them wouldnt be so simple, but if you could figure something out, that would be very cool! Also, do you think you could finish an entirely complete gen 1 map editor? Theres PokeMap, which is incomplete and frustrating. Theres Pikamap which since its made from goldmap, it doesnt have any of the event information, but it does have a more complete list of the maps than pokemap. Theres redmap or bluemap, which are just as bad as pokemap. And then perhaps you heard of the project ClassicMap? It was started with the intention of being the most complete gen 1 map editor, but was never finished... I think that having a completely functioning editor would be amazing, if you think that is possible. Also, an idea for a simple, useful, editor would be something, i guess sorta similar to the Oak's Aide Editor, that changes what you receive from different people throughout the game. Like, a Lapras, from the man in silph co, or all the fishing gurus, or all the people that give you tms and other items. This might make the Oak's Aide Editor a big enough editor to release entirely on its own, instead of as an extra. Also, is it possible to add a price changing option to the mart editor? I noticed the gsc mart editor has the option to change prices, but not rby, is there a certain reason for that? Because i would veerrry much like to be able to make masterballs available to buy from the victory road mart, but make them very expensive so theyre still a challenge to get. but when i add them to the mart, they are always $0 because they cant be normally bought anywhere. I also wanted to bring to your attention, an editor that has never worked for me. Its not an editor you made, but one you are hosting on your website. The Oak Intro Editor that is used to change the pokemon shown during oaks intro speech has never seemed to work. It always causes the game to act as if the pokemon has been changed to Missing No. that causes the Ninten vs. Sony glitch, if youve heard of that, no matter what pokemon i choose, whether its ninetales, nidorina, or even if i change it to the default nidorino, it skips the entire intro section and jumps to the start of the game with your name "Ninten" and your rival is named "Sony". I know you didnt write this program, but perhaps you could look into making it work a little more properly. Or perhaps its just me who hasnt gotten it to work. Lastly, the red/blue overworld sprite editor on your site has never worked properly for me either. If i picked Oak for example, and edit his sprite walking sideways, and save it, it always overwrites the forward sprite for that character no matter what sprite was being modfied... Any answers? I appreciate you reading it this far, I really do. Hopefully Ive helped you come up with ideas and hopefully you can help me along too! i definately agree, we should revive first gen pokemon hacking! Red and Blue were the best! Im so glad your site was revived when it was and it has been extremely useful to me so far! Best of luck!

    Danny-E 33

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