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Conversation Between Misty4Life and Jordan
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  1. Jordan
    March 26th, 2016 2:28 PM
    Six years, still quiet on the Western front.
  2. Jordan
    April 10th, 2010 11:04 AM
    Tsk, tsk, Joe and his pessimism.
  3. Jordan
    January 31st, 2010 6:32 PM
    ....Alright, I'm getting seriously worried now.
  4. Jordan
    January 24th, 2010 4:59 PM
    Adding on to what Joe said, if it's not too much to ask, then can you give Joe or I your e-mail or make a spare e-mail account? This is so that in the future, if something like what happened in September repeats we can help you.
  5. Jordan
    January 12th, 2010 6:14 PM
    Don't worry, I have a similar issue. I've been meaning to fix my firewall forever so I can play Pokemon online...but no one in my house knows how, so I just left it as is. XD;

    I've been leaning towards shows like that recently, though sometimes if an antagonist is pulled off well, I wouldn't mind. Y'know, now I'm curious as well as to how Code Geass might affect you. ;P And of course there will be romance and comedy; no anime would be complete without it. However, the romance would resembe a Shakespearen/Greek tragedy more than something realistic like Clannad. Support no will be dismayed. Humor's there, but most of the time, it's purely accidental. The show takes itself pretty seriously.

    Oh, really? XD And I'm not sure. I think I've been slacking off more than I should, though I guess that can be said for many of my peers as well. XD; Right now, I just need time to panic about next semester, which isn't something I'm comfortable scoffing at. Don't worry, though, I'm used to you logging out so it's no worries about that. ;D

    Well, that's not nice if you don't like dentist appointments, but I hope everything goes well for you. Seeya.
  6. Misty4Life
    January 12th, 2010 4:41 PM
    If I ever remember. There are like a billion other things that need fixing right now(mostly moving that idiotic anti virus program off of my computer. D:<), but I'll be sure to look into it.

    All the animes I watch at the moment are like that. Making me love every single character, I mean. Pokemon, Shugo Chara, Aria, and obviously Clannad have all had that impact on me. I'd actually like to see how I'd react with an anime like Code Geass. The action's just fine with me, but let me ask you, does it have romance and/or humor in it as well? Just checking, because I know I probably can't assume that it will.

    Actually, I really had considered that I'd like it. But you've basicially got the point. ;D A break day...If anyone, I know you deserve one Jordan. I feel like I never do enough work on a regular basis to earn one, although I admit one would be nice. :3 And I know, it always seems like I'm logging out, but that's because I keep forgetting to open the 'Who's online' tab and I get logged out for spending too much time typing. ^^; Either that or my parents asked me to do something for them and I never got the chance to log off myself.

    Oh, and before I forget, I'm apparently scheduled for a dentist appointment tommorrow. -_- My mom just told me about it, and even though she said it would be quick, I wouldn't bet on it. However, I don't usually have much homework on Wednesdays, so hopefully I'll come as soon as I can tommorrow.

    EDIT: Well, it's getting late, I still haven't eaten, done homework, or chores, so I guess I better get going. ^^; Lazy old me. See you after my dentist appointment Jordan~
  7. Jordan
    January 12th, 2010 3:50 PM
    If you ever get permission, try it. I'm surprised that there are people with Windows who still doesn't use Firefox or Opera.

    Out of the thousands and thousands out there, Clannad ~After Story~ rises to the top and ceased its rightful place at the throne. \o/ I feel the same. I loved Every. Single. Character. in Clannad, and that's one of the refreshing things about it. With so many shows focusing on an antagonist and protagonist human, it's rare to see a show where I can enjoy everyone's presence...well....except for the soccer club and one other character. ;P
    I don't know. I guess you could try Code Geass if you want to. It's action-y like Doctor Who, but a lot more mature in terms of..."adult" content and plot complexity. I enjoy the show even though there are many characters that I hate (the main character, one of the most popular of anime history, among one of them). Shirley is among the few that I find sympathy with.

    Eh, it was the same way with Clannad, right? You only watched out of curiosity and never really considered you'd like it in the beginning, right? XD And I'm excited to see what Joe's going to whip up. I'll go ahead and stick with my cute Shirley theme for now. ;P I think I have a lot of homework to do, but I don't know. I think I'll take a break day. I didn't do so well on my Biology test (I could tell, and it seems not a lot of other people did either). Well, at least the decision seems right. And if you're not around to reply to this right now, seeya later Mist.
  8. Misty4Life
    January 12th, 2010 3:38 PM
    Nope, I guess that must be the problem.

    Fair enough. ;P

    The best scored? :O Well, I should expect no less from such a breathe-taking sequel. Hmm, I really need to re-watch Clannad sometime. At the rate I'm going, I'm probably not going to get to it until Summer. *sigh*

    ...You got me there. :P
    Pretty much the opposite of what I usually get into. I'm so used to loveable characters now that I wonder what it would be like to watch a show like Code Geass. I just might have to try it one of these days.

    That's what I had originally thought as well. But I had already decided to at least watch one episode, and I was really curious, so before I knew it I was hooked. ^^; According to Joe, he's going to be making us Doctor Who themes soon. :D They're going to be epic, just you wait. That's too bad to hear about your bio test. I hope you did well. I probably shouldn't be on right now either. I have a lot of homework to do, but my mom just looked so tired when I got home that I did the 'good big sister' thing to do, and promised to look after my brother while she took a nap. I didn't have the heart to wake her up, and she just got up a few minutes ago herself. I know, I shouldn't have let her sleep that long, but I just felt so sorry for her and figured I owed her this. Now it's already gotten this late and I haven't done any chores nor done any homework. I have a feeling it'll be a long night. -_-
  9. Jordan
    January 11th, 2010 6:59 PM
    I don't know. Are you using Firefox?

    Oh, well then that may be the case.

    I'll trust you on that too, then.

    As for me, I've built up a pretty solid ground on my nerves....or so I hope. I think it takes a bit of effort to get me angry in real life or on PC, but there are certain subjects that will fire up my anger within one minute of the conversation. I'd rather not delve into that. ;P

    I know the feeling. XD;

    Likewise, Mist. Likewise. :P

    If you mean "score" as in, their score out of 10, then they both do okay. Pokemon's about 6.93/10 and Shugo Chara's about 8/10. The best scored anime with a 9.02/10? Hohoho, See this.

    I don't know what I would choose. XD In my opinion, though, Sunohara looks...amicable and content in that picture that I had as my avatar. The kind of guy I'd hang out with, so to say. And adorable Sunohara, huh? Can you think of examples that would be adorable in real life, too? Sometimes, when situations in anime are transferred to real life, the reactions you might get would be different. ;P
    The magic of GIMP lets me highlight her red hair. \o/ Well, I guess out of Code Geass, yes. But there are so many characters to hate, mostly because the show emphasizes on human flaws. Poor Shirley has to suffer so much because of the actions of others.

    I guess you're just plain busy. I shouldn't really be here at all, since I need to study for a Bio test tomorrow (which I'm not prepared for at all). And it seems Joe was indeed successful in getting you to love it then, huh? Haha. I promised him I'd watch it later on the basis that it's too long for me to start now. Well, it seems you're off already, so bye Mist.
  10. Misty4Life
    January 11th, 2010 6:32 PM
    You mean you see a double VM under you right now? O_o Why would it just show up for you and not me?

    My school might just not have them then, or maybe it comes later on.

    Trust me, if I had any idea of what I was going to say, I would've just put that without saying anything otherwise.

    Hmm...Looking back, I mostly just get annoyed when I get impatient.(Of course there are still other things that cause me to be annoyed, but not as many as I made it seem). So I guess you could just say I get frustrated easily. Yes, that seems to fit my case better. You see Jordan, I don't do a very good job of expressing myself most of the time, so I end up putting things the wrong way. ^^;

    Luckily I didn't fall flat on my face either time, but it was still pretty embarressing. ;P

    ...You just summed up what I do, put rather nicely if I do say so myself. I'm very glad to be able to relate to you like this, because I'm able to explain myself better thanks to you. :)

    No problem, that happens to me sometimes as well. When I bother to type on programs like Notepad and such. ;D Yes, I recognized quite a few of those. I'm guessing neither Pokemon nor Shugo Chara scores well?

    Fine then, you'd probably choose a more fitting term. I just use that word to describe many things, because I tend to find many things cute. xD; And I don't know Jordan, there are times Sunohara seems adorable to me. :P
    I love how bright her red hair is. :3 Is she currently your favorite character?

    Alright, well I might have to go soon Jordan. *sigh* Why is it that we usually only exchange one to two VMs a day? Pretty sad if you ask me. My fault, of course. I really hope my obsession for Doctor Who dies down enough for me to come on more. It's not good to be obsessed with a show as time-consuming as that. :3 But I won't say goodbye yet. There's something else I think I might have to do first.

    EDIT: Alright, it's time for me to go now. See you tommorrow Jordan, hopefully earlier than usual and hopefully I'll post a lot on OT. Make up for what I've missed. ;D Goodnight~
  11. Jordan
    January 11th, 2010 5:50 PM
    Funny, it's still there for me.

    Ah. Well, I've had two of those, one in 10th grade and one in 7th. They teach me job-searching skills and practice interviews.

    Tell me when you remember.

    Well, I understand. Though I can't say many things bug me in general, besides people dirtying stuff (ex. vandalizing bathrooms and public property).

    Oh, wow, really? XD That must have been painful.

    I try to think of others who are at worse fate than I am whenever I feel selfish. That's not to say that I don't sometimes go over the edge and feel sorry for myself, but I think it's made me less self-centered.

    Oy, I had a url there when I posted this VM right when the DBE happened. I saved the VM on Notepad and posted it again on your wall, but unfortunately, the url was not kept. Here it is again.

    "I guess" is a very weak agreement, but one nonetheless. XD I don't know, cute is as far as the term goes. Not even some of the more intellectual kids in my school can find a better word for cute; adorable wouldn't be something I would fit with Sunohara. XD;
    Eh, supply and demand I guess. Shirley is pretty cute in this one, isn't she? The full picture with her and some other girls at a slumber party can be considered somewhat pervy, but in her corner Shirley's pure. XD
  12. Misty4Life
    January 11th, 2010 5:21 PM
    Let's see what I remember of my original VM...(I lost my VM to you yesterday, during the database error. ;_;)

    I don't think so. If I have, I dont' remember. ^^;

    ...I had something to say on this, but I forgot. D:

    It's not that, I guess I just don't have many things on here in particular that annoy me. Things in real life...tend to get on my nerves a lot easier.

    I tripped twice on my way home today. ^^; As you may be able to tell, being a klutz comes naturally to me. It happens even more often if I'm nervous or daydreaming/not paying attention.

    That's a pretty brilliant phrase. ;D I sometimes use motives like that('things could be a lot worse' 'at least you don't have to go through what some other people go through) to help me get through my "shallow moments". Because everyone has them, and I used to have them more than I'd like to admit. Which is why I now try to look at what I have, and be thankful that it's not worse. Not sure if it's the best tactic, but it works well enough for me.

    What list?

    You know, I didn't expect you to agree with me. xD; I can't imagine you calling something 'cute'. You'd use some other(probably more advanced) term, for sure. ;P
    It's sick what people do to fictional characters. :O But hey, it looks like you found a wonderful picture for your avatar now. She looks beautiful, without being drawn in some pervy way. :D
  13. Jordan
    January 9th, 2010 8:44 PM
    Many kids are working as soon as they reach the legal age to work (which is 14 or 15), so they may ask about prior experience. Have you taken a Careers class of some sort?

    Self-doubt leads to nowhere, as I have told Joe. It will only hinder my progress as I refuse to make them because of my doubts.

    You don't show it often, or at least you're not annoyed by many things. XD

    I tripped twice in one day on that day when I did my Mock Trials presentation (which, again, wasn't good enough for me to make the team). Bad day for sure. ;

    I hear it at least three times a semester in Math class, and it'll be a different person each time. Math can get confusing at times, but like Einstein said: "Do not worry about your mathematical troubles, for I assure you mine are always greater."

    I was pretty proud of myself for getting done what I had. XD I have until Tuesday to finish it, which should be plenty of time. However, I don't plan to work on Monday (since I have a Bio test on Tuesday), so I'll finish it up tomorrow. Shouldn't be too much of a deal.
    Yep, Code Geass and Bleach are two of the most popular anime out there. Just look at this list and see what I mean. Both seasons of Code Geass and Bleach made the first page. Clannad is on the page after. Nana, eh? It's somewhat famous, but not as much as the others. It's very well received, though.
    Eh, I should be able to tell after my suggestions to you. ;P

    Hehe, cute? I don't know. I guess. XD
    Yep, I'm planning to get a Code Geass theme. However, it's tough to find a non-perverted picture of a character since they're all drawn to be beautiful people. ;
  14. Misty4Life
    January 9th, 2010 7:25 PM
    Well, seeing as you're still just a student, I wouldn't think they'd expect prior work experience. But hey, what do I know about getting a job? I wouldn't last a few minutes in an interview at this point.

    *sigh* And the worst thing about someone like me is that I don't trust myself to make good decisions. I suppose I trust my judgement for the most part, but I've never been particularily good about carrying out a decision once I make it.

    Once again, your maturity amazes me. I get annoyed pretty easily(whether I show it or not) and so I'd probably ask them to stop right away.

    I know what that's like. I remember last year I tripped at least two or three times in one day due to all the ice, with the fatality depending on where I fell. As I also may have told you, I can be a bit of a klutz most times. ^^;

    I actually don't hear that question very often. Students here either complain they already have learned it or they don't understand it. Me usually being the latter.

    Oh well, you got done more than I probably would. I usually procastinate until the very last day, and from what it sounds like you still have some time left.
    Finally you suggest an anime I've heard of. Code Geass is pretty popular around here, as is Bleach. And I think one of my friends mentioned something like Nana, but I never bothered too look it up.
    Well, it certainly looks cool, but not something I'd be really interested in. I guess you do know me pretty well. ;D

    I love that picture too, it's so cute it just makes me want to hug him. :3
    Are you planning on changing it for a theme soon, or are you just planning on keeping it for now?
  15. Jordan
    January 9th, 2010 7:03 PM
    Thanks, Mist. ^^ I'm going to have to ace an interview; something I'm bad at, since I don't work too well under pressure. If they ask me about prior work experience...well, I'm pretty much screwed. I'm going to ask my Bio teacher about it on Monday about the nature of the work. He's been reminding me about it, so I think he would be interested in helping me in this pursuit.

    We are the one controlling our thoughts and actions; we could be our best friend or our most prolific enemy. It's entirely our choice.

    It is. I tried to remain vigilant about it, but it's bothered me to the point that I had to tell people to stop.
    Well, at least you fixed it. That's all that matters.

    It mostly snows at night for me, but sometimes it snows when I'm walking home, which is always a bliss. The worst situation for me is strong wind, snow turned to ice, and no snow. It's like tripping madness.

    It's just the nature of their studies and general interest of the students. Kids would be interested in a language, and the teacher having gotten this far has dedicated quite a lot of her time to her work, so she must at least like her work. It's a pretty positive atmosphere. However, in a math class, the total disinterested reactions from the kids and the oh-so-often heard question "When are we ever going to use this?" makes it tough to be fun.

    I'm almost done, actually. I just have to ask a person something, then I'd have everything translated, visuals done, and I'm all set...however, I could have done much more in that time. .-.
    Yep. I haven't started it, actually, since I've been dabbling in some other animes, most recently Code Geass. Since I'm too lazy to type, here's a summary.

    Pretty good, I guess. I had it for a while since I acquired the name Miniryu (which is the Japanese name for Dratini), but then the new year came and I thought it was time for change. I haven't had another theme since then besides this avatar. I love this picture of Sunohara; it captures his fun loving but likable spirit for me.

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