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Conversation Between Tox and giradialkia

Conversation Between Tox and giradialkia
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  1. Tox
    February 21st, 2010 9:46 AM
    Hey Eoin, sorry for the extremely late reply. At least you have a proper excuse. I suppose it's probably a bit late to wish you luck with your mocks now. :/ Still, I'm sure you did awesome. I've been in France for the past few days. Everything was great besides the hotel. xD We had fold-out beds that got caught in each other and no floor space. Lol, we were barely in the room though so it was grand.

    Ah, I see. I suppose that would make a lot of sense. I still can't bring myself to trade in any games though. xD I'd consider the Ranger series and those other spin-offs but for some reason they always go missing shortly after I've completed them. xD

    Wow, I'd be completely screwed if I had to come up with something on my own. My friends come up with all of our ideas and I'm sure they're already made at that. Do you actually have to make a prototype of the controller? o.O

    Yep, that's it. Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that I have no problems if you want to change my character's design around a bit. If you need to change colours or anything, feel free to. If you want to add a hat or something extra to the clothes, that's no problem either. :3 Mess around with it however you want so it fits in with everything else in the game. :D

    Awesome. The game sounds better everytime you talk about it. It sounds really different from the kind of games I'm used to seeing. How's the story going? Do you have the whole thing planned out or are you still keeping your options open? I can't wait till you get some screenshots. :3 It'll be interesting to see how you include Deoxys in the story too. :3

    I'm pretty good, thanks. How're you doing? :D No problem. I'm sorry that I took so long. I took double the amount of time you took. :/
  2. giradialkia
    February 9th, 2010 1:20 PM
    Hi, man. Sorry for taking this long, stupid mocks and crap are really taking their toll. Well, I mean I start them on Thursday, but studying is killing me..
    Anyway, I rarely sell my Pokemon games, only if I've got two versions of the same gen/region game (I had Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, but sold Diamond). And I seem to always sell back the Spinoff games (like Blue Rescue Team, and Ranger. But I got my official Manaphy from it first:D)
    Anyway, that project seems pretty cool. I've to finish a Design project tomorrow, they're supposed to be ready and sent off by Friday and our teacher's wife had a baby last week, so we haven't been able to finish the computer part. I've to design a brand new console controller, and I'm this close to finishing it, but he's not even coming in. I mean I can understand, like, but... It's inconvenient...:D
    That's cool, how you did the picture. It's basically a pixel-over so, but you actually drew the pic you pixeled-over
    I suppose I could be a Red:D that would be cool. I'll see, I'm still thinking about certain aspects of the story and such (however there are some parts I'm certain of implementing. My region is as vast as Sinnoh, lol (well, no, but there are plenty of different scenic cities, I've got a seaside city, with Palm trees and all, and I've a snowy one, too- Even though Hoenn had no snow, there's data for snow- fall weather, which is nice.
    Anyway, how're you keeping? Sorry again for being like a week late :/
  3. Tox
    January 31st, 2010 8:16 AM
    Sorry I didn't reply. I was caught up in a stupid project for school. Yeah, I have enough for my SoulSilver game. That's not being spent on anything else no matter what. I'm not bored enough with any of my games to trade them in. I just restart them. :3

    Ah, I see. I like that idea. You should have a double battle with them at some point in the game. That'd be awesome. :3 I agree, May was terrible. She is possibly the worst "rival" ever. She's more of a pseudo-rival, I suppose. I don't think it's possible to lose against her unless you're so badly underlevelled that you wouldn't beat a Level 10 Zigzagoon. I really like your idea of having two rivals and how they're involved in the game. You should do that. Lol, you've probably forgotten what to write in the PM now, considering the amount of time it took me to reply. You should put yourself in there somewhere. It would be awesome to have yourself in it somewhere. You could be like Red, except something else if that makes sense. You could make yourself be the Professor either. xD There's loads of things that you could be. xD Yeah, I don't like FireRed for anything other than the graphics. Emerald has so much more to play around with.

    Thanks, lol. I drew it by hand. Then, I scanned it onto the computer. I went into MS Paint and converted it to a Monochrome Bitmap. I fixed up the lines and then converted it to a 24-bit Bitmap so I could colour it. When the colouring was done, I saved it as a PNG image. I opened it in GIMP and took out the background. It was easy enough. :3 I'm planning on fixing it up and giving me a better pose when I get the chance. I see. I'm not great with computer drawing stuff. I haven't had the time to practice. Thank you. Yeah, a palette change shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't really bother me. Haha, nice. xD Alright then. :3 I made a sprite for my character. It's in my album if you want to check in out. I just recoloured my old one with a few minor changes. I like the hair so I decided to leave it the way it was, besides the colour.

    Awesome. I like that kind of music too. Wow, making music sounds cool. I'd love to try that. Have you made a lot of stuff yet?

    Yep, it's fairly cool sometimes. We finished the programming part yesterday. Next week, we're starting on web design. I thought it was finished but apparently it's going on for ages. It's going to be on through the summer and they're inviting us back for another course next year. It's a free course as well which is quite strange. All you had to do was get a B in honours maths and they'd let you into the course. :/

    Well, sometimes we have a lot to do. At the moment, we're supposed to create a product for something like the "Dragon's Den" that's going on in our town. It's really weird. We have a few other projects too. We organise a lot of stuff like coffee mornings. In class, we don't do much. It's fairly boring. In TY, we just sample subjects. We're doing everything this year and then we choose our final Leaving Cert subjects at Easter. It's fairly boring. We have a load of weird tests as well to see how smart we are or something. You get a percentage for everything. It's not how much you get right, it's how you did compared to the rest of the country, if that makes sense. Anyway, I got like 35% in Mechanical Reading. :/ I did fairly bad, lol. I got fairly high in everything else though. I got over 65% in the rest and I got in the top 1% for Abstract reading. I don't know when I'm ever going to use that, but hey! :D There I go again with my life story.
  4. giradialkia
    January 25th, 2010 3:45 PM
    Lol, I need cash too. I have enough for HeartGold, though, so I'm not spending any of that, unless I can trade other games for it.
    Well, my original idea was to have two Rivals, but the second Rival is the character the Player didn't choose, you know? Like it was originally in Emerald, you know? Although they made it like May was the main rival, even though she was awful. My hack will have the two Rivals equally involved- although one aims more to complete the Pokedex moreso than about battling, and vice versa. I should actually write that PM now, before I forget all this:D. I may put myself somewhere, so:D I love hacking Emerald. It's better than FireRed in so many ways. Excluding everything graphics-wise, of course thank god for tile insertion. And Overworld insertion. And sprite insertion. Hm..
    Oh, yeah.. FRICKIN AWESOME. What did you use to draw that? It's very good. I'm a spriter but that means I'm limited to small images (Ow's are too small for me to make adequately, hence I asked for your help:D). That's wicked, though, you're definately in. It should fit fine, I guess. It depends a bit on what Sav wants her character to look like in that the Overworlds share the same Palette, but that can be easily changed... (don't think I've told her she's in the game yet, anyway. haha). The only problem I can think of would be the Reflection, that you see in the water.. But not to worry! I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, it's still relatively early days:D
    I like a good few different styles of music, I like a bit of Rock, and love Dance. My favourite Dance music is Bounce/NRG (essentially, I love Donk, lol). I make music myself, I'm still learning a few tricks and such, but over the past year I like to think I've improved vastly
    ah, computer programming course? Savage... I'd love to do one, I plan to study software design and Games Development when I go to college, a programming course would be handy, and interesting. Although I'd probably just download heaps of stuff, too :D
    meh... So, do you actually have to do much school work in TY? Like, are there any compulsory subjects, or did ye get to pick a few, or.. How does it work, in your school?
  5. Tox
    January 25th, 2010 12:34 PM
    Aww, I hate when that happens. It happened me at Christmas. They should have a warning that you're about to go over the limit if you view the next page. I do that fiver thing too. I'm going to start using by bank account to top-up. It's easier and I'm on the school bank team so I might as well. I got my debit card yesterday. I can't wait to actually use it. Now I just need to put money in my account first...

    You should put yourself in it too. It would look cool to have yourself in there somewhere. That sounds cool. What was your original idea though? Were you going to have two rivals - a boy and a girl? That's a pretty awesome idea too. The problem with putting me and Sav as the main characters is that you mightn't like our sprites and they mightn't fit together, etc. I don't mind what you do, I'm just thrilled that you're actually putting me in it. :3 The character I always use looks like this:

    I drew it a while ago so there's bit of it that I don't like but it's the general idea of what I usually look like.

    Lol, yeah, I understand what you mean. I quit guitar lesson just before my Junior Cert. I've quit almost everything besides my computer programming course. I don't even understand what I'm doing in it, I usually just download stuff onto my memory stick or watch videos. In the summer, we're doing web design (which I've done in another course already), flash animation, movie making, editing and more. That's what I'm waiting for. We get to use epic Apple Computers. I really need to take up a few more things though, before I get any lazier.

    Ah, the anime. Lol, well I watched enough of them. I wasn't that obsessed with it. I did watch enough to get the whole story and that though. I saw the movie the day it came out too so I could get a Pyramid of Light card. xD Wow, I can't believe I still remember that. Haha, I did that shoebox thing too. xD Those were the days...

    Haha, that sounds awesome. I'll have to check it out. xD I'll write it down somewhere. I can't watch videos on my laptop at the moment for some reason. D: We're going to try to switch broadband packages soon though. I can't wait. Damn, I really want to watch that. I love parodies. Dora the Explorer: Halloween Special. HILARIOUS. xD

    Hmm, well I like a bit of everything really. I'm probably closer to the second one. I'm not really into heavy metal and all the screaming, but I like most of the everything else. I like Rock, Dance and Pop the most. R&B is pretty good too. Rap depends on who it is and what the song is. I'll listen to almost anything. I like new songs, but I love old ones if you know what I mean. If I bought those NOW CDs, I'd like about 10 of the 42 songs on them. There are a lot of 90s songs that I love though. I actually don't know how to describe my taste in music. Bleh. Irrelevant questions are good. I've asked you enough of them. So what's your taste in music like?
  6. giradialkia
    January 25th, 2010 11:31 AM
    I had about a tenner left, it's pretty annoying. Although, if I ever think it took my credit because of over-downloading, I buy my next topup in Fiver segments, so I won't have wasted all my money. I can test one of them, and if that goes straightaway, I wait til the next day to top up.
    Come to think of it, I hadn't thought of putting myself in it. Although you've given me another idea- you can be the boy, Sav can be the girl, and Kai can be the Rival. That works:D would that be ok?
    Ah, I'd love to quit piano. Not quit playing, as I love music, but I just don't want to go to lessons anymore. It's not my style, lol.
    Ugh, that's horrible, about the boy... No other word to describe it, really- horrible.
    Lol, I suppose it does look like Galway = muke, but it'll pass. Probably:D
    anyway, regarding Yu-Gi-Oh, I'd meant the Anime (although if I'm openly honest I had a mukload of cards- they're in a shoebox somewhere that isn't big enough for them)
    Anyway, if you did follow the Anime, head over to Youtube and search "YuGiOh The Abridged Series". Funniest. Thing. EVER. You might not get it if you haven't watched the original, hence why I asked. It's absolutely hilarious, though- some guy by the name of LittleKuriboh parodies the original YuGiOh series. Brilliant:D
    So, (random again, but with reference to something I was talking about earlier) what kind of music do you like? Or are you someone who just likes a song if it's good (if you know what I mean. Sorry for asking irrelevant questions D: it's a habit)?
  7. Tox
    January 24th, 2010 8:57 AM
    Aww man, I hate when that happens. Harsh. D: How much credit did you have? I hate when you're just after topping up and it happens. Thankfully, I usually only have about 3 euro left anyway. IOUs sound bad. My friend always gets them and when he tops up by a fiver and goes on the internet he has like 1 cent left.

    Haha, he actually looks scary. He has one red eye with all blood shots. It's really creepy. I decided not to ask, lol. I didn't know people could actually look like him. D: Haha, he says it's for "demonstration purposes". Likely... xD Yep, a long time. I got so bored of it. Nah, I don't really regret quitting. I have more time to do things on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings now. :3

    Yep, it was awesome! :] I never thought I'd get away with something like that. Three years? D: That is awful. I've missed about ten days this year. :3 I always make sure my appointments for things are during school hours. xD I was sick all through Halloween midterm though which really sucked. Christ, Galway sounds terrible. xD Two people in my whole school got the swine flu. That sounds depressing alright. D: Wow.

    Heh, whoa. If my shower broke or our water just went then I don't know what I'd do. All the bad things happening. xD I can't say that even a quarter of those things have happened to me. Good thing I don't live in Galway then. :] Lol nah, I'm sure good things happen there too. You get a Fake ID. That's a start. xD

    Yeah, I was pretty freaked out when I heard. I was in the middle of exams when I heard. We all had to leave early and we got an early midterm. It wasn't as great as it sounded though. We were all depressed for the week. Wow, that's actually horrible. The boy who died in my school was hit by a truck when he was cycling. He was on life support for three days and all. Some other boy nearly died too. He was swimming and something happened his heart and he nearly drowned. His cousins had to pull him out of the water and he was rushed to hospital in Dublin. o.O He was on life support for two weeks before he finally woke up. What's worse, his sister died three years ago when something happened her heart when she was dancing. They both had heart defects and their younger sister is my sister's best friend. She had to get an operation to try and prevent it from happening to her. So last year wasn't a great year for us. :/

    Oh, I know right. There's something wrong all the time.

    Oh, awesome. :D That sounds great! Haha, no need to apologize, that's awesome news for me. I'm delighted, haha. Thank you. <3 You're in it to right? I'm guessing you're the male character? Nice idea. This hack just got a hell of a lot more exciting. I loved it as it was. :D Awesomeness. I designed an overworld for me before. It's the massive one with the walking sprites in my album. I'm going to alter it a little though. I can do better. :D Thanks again.

    Heh, well sort of-ish. I collected the cards because my cousins all had them. I had a lot of them and I knew all the rules. I suppose I was. I just couldn't ever finish a game. xD When I did, I usually won though. [I gave my sister the sh!t cards] :3 Lol. xD You liked them, I take it from that last sentence?
  8. giradialkia
    January 23rd, 2010 6:12 PM
    Lol, I was terrified to come online- earlier on my credit got sucked from downloading over 50 MB (I wouldn't mind, but I technically didn't. Opera kept failing to "fetch the file" so it only actually downloaded 23 MB in files. And I still lost my credit. I'm now on some dirty Super IOU thing, and I know I'll regret it..:D)
    Jesus, ChildLine is right.. Slapping students. I'd say he was trying to be cool and all, haha. "legally, I'm allowed to beat children! So there!" Rofl, seven years! Wow. Quitting stuff.. I won't say it's good, but sometimes it has to be done. Do you regret it much, no?
    Lol, a poster. That's brilliant. I'd absolutely love that:D:D I haven't missed a day of school for the past 3 years D: absolutely awful. Generally, stuff to occupy my time, such as being sick or having an dentists appointment, happens on the weekend... Or during the summer. I'll never forget the Gaeltacht last year- everyone got the Swine Flu. 6 out of 10 people in my house had it, and went home. I was sick too, but I was the Cinnire Ti, so I wasn't allowed to leave. Depressing.
    Yeah, our floods were fair bad. The rivers overflowed, and took up all dirt and crap, then that went into the water scheme, so.. Yeah, hopefully they wont turn off our water again, it's horrible- Friday two weeks ago, played soccer for two hours straight, and couldn't have a shower when I got home. I took full advantage of the rain that night, lol. (I didn't really)
    Oh god, that's terrible /: I couldn't imagine what it'd be like if a teacher died. (I mean, I'm not particularly attached to any of them, but it'd still be strange). And when that girl died, the school was as quiet as it ever will be. What was worse was, one of her friends didn't hear until she came into school on Monday. That'd be just awful -.-
    Lmao, Ireland is a shockin depressing country, isn't it? If the weather isn't muke something else is wrong x3
    Nah, I appreciate your contribution. It saves me time, all I have to do is edit a bit, and that's it. You guys are all getting characters, too- Kai was promised as Champion a good few months ago, so sorry, but yourself and Sav are the main Rivals. You're like the Gary/Wally of the game, whereas Sav is the female character. It just makes it a bit more fun for those who know who the heck I'm referring to, haha. But that's all future stuff, lol. You'll get to do an overworld of YOU! Or whatever you think your 16x32-Pokemon-universe-self would look like, haha
    random, but did you happen to like Yu-Gi-Oh when it was.. Popular? (and no, I don't like it anymore, incase you pictured me as a strange fanboy...
    Wait, what's this site about again? Jk:D)
  9. Tox
    January 23rd, 2010 4:17 PM
    Lol, no problem dude. Take as long as you need to. I'm not going anywhere. xD

    Awesome idea. I'd love to hear the outline. Whenever you're ready. Thank you, lol. <3 That would be great. Team. xD You're doing all of the hard work though. I'm just helping with the simple stuff. PM me away and I'll tell you what I think. :3

    Heh, yeah, I might cheat for the events. I would love to see things like the Giovanni event. That looks really interesting. I can't wait to check it out.

    Wow, so you've had water for less than a week? I couldn't live with that. Lol, my electricity went for five hours and I nearly cried. xD Ouch. Your floods sound terrible. Ours just earned me a few days off school and a broken car. Our water and everything was absolutely fine.

    Haha, I'm doing well enough in TY compared to most of my friends so it's all good. My teachers are freaking out though because I'm missing all of my classes. I volunteer for everything, lol. Haha, my mam would hold that against me too. xD Oh God. I got a day off school yesterday to make a poster. xD I told my mam I wasn't going in and I made a poster for my dad. I got a day off school for that. This year is awesome!

    Aww, that's awful about the girl. :/ Scary stuff. In our school, a teacher and a boy in second year died at the beginning of last year. I was so shocked. That kind of thing was really unusual here.

    A fake ID sounds great. I really need one. Lol, lucky you. I can't wait until I can get into pubs (besides my parent's one) to get drink. Some of us have to wait until September when their cousins turn 18 though. D:

    I'm pretty good, thanks. How are you? :3 Karate was boring enough but the end was funny. We did feck all at the start and I put my hand in chewing gum. D: The teacher guy's a bit psycho. He *****slapped some guy in my class across the face. He kicked another guy in the shin twice and pushed someone else over into a load of tables. xD I try to keep my distance. The red marks look really sore. Some people need to call ChildLine. xD Haha, nice one. I used to do Tae Kwon Do. I did it for seven years. Then I quit. :3
  10. giradialkia
    January 21st, 2010 4:59 AM
    Well man:D
    Mûcho brón orm for the late reply, again
    Yeah, regarding the hack, how about I PM you the basic outline of the story, and you tell me what you think? (I think that's what I'll do- basically, it's you, and my other friends Kai and Sav [here, on this site] that have been helping me out, be it with ideas, fakemon, and, in your case, overworld sprites. So it's only fair you guys have a say in some characters and twists in the story and such. You're all part of the ~team~, lol:D).
    I know what you mean, the only thing I really plan to cheat for anymore is the Event stuff, like a Movie Celebi in HeartGold, to do the Giovanni Event. Everything does get boring when you can just hack it in, I'll agree.
    Our water came back Sunday morning, thank feck. High time it did. And now it's all dirty, but we couldn't drink the tapwater since the floods anyway, so that's not really a problem.
    Ah, sure it's TY, make the most of it and just fail everything. No.. No, you probably shouldn't do that, actually. But it's only TY, nobody's gonna hold it against you if you can't be arsed:D except maybe your mam. Mine would, so... XD
    School was off today. A poor girl in third year committed suicide on Sunday, and her funeral was today. I didn't know her, but it's still a bad thing to happen :/ though I'm going over to my friend's place in a while, thank god I've no homework to do.
    Oh yeah, and another friend is making me a fake ID. Excellent, I say getting into pubs can be a bother when your only 16. "Look... I'm getting in eventually, it may as well be now".
    How are you? How was Karate:D? I did that for a few years. I stopped after I won a plaque thing, though. The going was good, lol
  11. Tox
    January 15th, 2010 12:31 PM
    It's no problem, lol. School takes up all my time too so I imagine it's a lot worse for you. Heh, I hate being back. D: Well, at least you're doing something. Awesome. (Y) Wow, you're quick at thinking up the things. It sounds great. It was quite difficult to get one in the Generation III games too so it should work awesomely. :3 I can't wait to see how you fit it in.

    Urgh... School... Ouch. :/ We always manage to get to keep our water. :3 Yeah, that confuses me too. I'd say that they're just too lazy to do anything about it. Turning off people's water just sounds like an easy way out of it.

    Haha, I see, lol. I never use my cheating stuff. I used to test it out before, but everything was getting too boring. Lol, I have a legit Electivire. I just migrated an Electabuzz from FireRed and bred with with a Ditto (also from FireRed). Then, I trained the Elekid when it hatched and evolved it twice. I never bothered using it after that though. I've never seen a Dusknoir in the games though. I have Electivire, Rhyperior (which I hate), that new Ralts one, Weavile and a few others.

    Yeah, lol. You'd probably be happier at home. xD Yeah, school's back... Mine only opened today though. :3 No yoga yet. D; Karate on Thursday though. How's yours going? I'm totally braindead from that day. I got 100% in accounting and 12% in economics, lol. I only went to one economics class ever though. xD Failing two subjects in TY isn't good though. xD
  12. giradialkia
    January 14th, 2010 11:13 AM
    Damn, busy week.
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been doing crap all week, and every time I logged on I'd end up lurking and having to do something else. When I'd go to write a decently lengthy reply I'd always have to stop for something, and never got to finish, lol.
    Anyways, I've had a relatively boring week. Although I'm getting all of my homework done, which is good, I suppose. Today I had a free class so I brainstormed in a copy. I've found a Legendary for my hack- Deoxys. I've a great plan for it, and its several forms.
    So, I've not been up to much, other than school. Our water was turned off again this week :/ I wouldn't mind but it was gone when the floods were happening. Ironic they wouldn't use it, Rainwater can't be THAT dirty, lol.
    Haha, I have friends who cheated. It wasn't that obvious, though, until I actually looked at where they got they're Electivire (route underneath Solaceon at lvl 78). They can trade, so I assumed they had, to get tons of cool evos like Dusknoir and such.
    Oh, right. Best you don't ask your mam to adopt me, so. Schools back anyway, so... Lol, jk.
    So, you've been back to school, yeah? Any yoga? :D
  13. Tox
    January 12th, 2010 9:14 AM
    Haha, you'd regret saying that after being here for a day. She goes crazy a lot. She works fairly often though so she's gone for a few hours everyday. It turned out my school's closed until Thursday anyway so it's all good, lol.

    Well, as long as I'm not boring you. Haha, awesome. Apparently I'm easy to talk to. That's always a plus. Heh, my mam was like that until I started TY. I got perfect attendance in First Year, I missed one day in Second Year and three in Third Year. I'm gradually getting more days off, lol. Nice one. You get a lift to school then? My mam drives us to the bus stop and makes us get out and wait in the cold. If we don't wait, we have to go through the embarassment of chasing after the bus and rushing on at the next stop. I tend to deal with the cold a lot more often. The bus is really bad though. It's way too small and packed. It drops me in the middle of nowhere and takes my sister all the way to her school's door. D: Ah, I see. I know a lot of people like that too. Ah, it's not that bad. You'd get used to it.

    Lol. Yes, yes they are! They actually freak me out. They're really into Pokémon too but they're so crap at it, it's not even funny. They can't even pronounce the names of anything. Oh God, yesterday, one of them went on about how they got Pokémon Platinum for Christmas but an elf called "Egan" must have finished it for him because he had loads of Pokémon at Level 100. My youngest sister who's just nine, told him that it said "Eoghan", not "Egan", but he said she was wrong. She's two years younger than him and even she isn't stupid. The Pokémon were all clearly hacked. He has a box full of Celebi at Level 100. We just smiled, nodded and left.

    Lol, funnily enough, they actually have a Wii and a DS each (They got them because I had them but hey!). Yeah, I agree. They have terrible games for both of them. I really hate the graphics on them too. Is it just me or are they trying to make all the people look "cute"? I never play the Wii anymore. The last game we got for it was Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City which my sister got last Christmas. The last DS game I bought was Pokémon Pearl, which I got in August 2007. So yeah. HeartGold and SoulSilver are out in "Spring 2010" (March 14th in America). I'm guessing we'll get them some time between March and May. That's not too long away really. TY will nearly be over though. D: I know right. I can't wait for them. Haha, yeah, I ALWAYS get my sister to get it for me. I can't bring myself to go in and buy it myself. Heh, well it's not that bad if he said they were addictive... Or maybe it's worse. Yeah, I'd probably prefer if they just said nothing, lol.

    Haha, yeah, I hate when my parents are somewhere when my friends from school are there too. My parents can be really embarassing. Whoa, you make my school look big. Well, mine's quite small for Cork, lol. Ooh right. Heh, awesome. xD I sat beside two guys in the hall on my first day and then two other guys in different classes in school. All four of them are the people I hang around with now. It's strange really. Whoa, lol. I hate typing long messages on my phone, because its almost impossible to read back over anything. xD Lol.

    Nah, not really. I'm just having an ordinary boring day at home, lol. How about you?
  14. giradialkia
    January 11th, 2010 4:48 PM
    Gah. Ask your mam to adopt me, if you'd please... Lol jk. That's ok, I'm enjoying the life of You, haha. To be honest, it makes conversation easier if you talk alot, too (not a bad thing). It makes me feel better about rambling, and certain things you say make it easier to reply, if I can relate (which is surprisingly often, lol). My mam is the total opposite, though, even if everyone else wasn't going, if the school said it was going ahead, then there's no hope. She'd drive to the gate, and doubt us if we said it definately wasn't on, lol. She's my mam, yeah, and I do respect her, but she has far too much faith in any form of higher authority. That's probably why she's so religious.
    Nnyeh, I'd hate neighbours like that. Watched ye? :D lol, kinda strange, aren't they? Tell them to go play a Wii or something. (off topic- I've nothing against Wii's, and would gladly take one if offered, but they've become far too common amongst young children and old people, there's feck all good Nintendo games, on DS or Wii, anymore, because the makers are too focused on frickin Sudoku puzzles and fitness plans). [/vented]. When is HGSS out, again? Can't wait.. May get my little bro to go in and get it for me, I don't think I can face a shopkeeper. When I bought Platinum, the guy was actually wicked about it- said how addictive they are and all. I was still embarrassed as hell, though :3
    Hmm.. It's not god-awful, I suppose. It's only really embarrassing if people from school are there, but usually they're off their tit$ and think it's savage (they're ok, just not my style of music, lol). Yeah, I'd a small class in national school, too- 6 boys, two girls. I didn't know anyone properly in secondary school, I just hung around with a few people I vaguely recognised. Funnily, the boy I sat beside on my first day was the one I had to carry out of the pub a few weeks back, lol. Whoa, according to my phone, this message is 1991 characters long. Cool. I've 3009 left to fill, as of that "9". But I wont, lol.
    So any craic wit ya, in general?? :D
  15. Tox
    January 11th, 2010 3:16 PM
    Heh, a few more days and you probably will. xD
    No problem. Thank fuc* I picked the right one. I'm not used to getting stuff right on a regular basis.
    Aww, I know what you mean. My aunt's like that too. She goes to mass all the time and I get so bored (I have to stay there a lot during the summer because my cousins always invite me over. They're so boring though.). Yeah, sure it could be worse. My mam tries to be religious. We just laugh at her and she ends up going to mass alone (except when she's in a really bad mood and everyone does what she says, lol).

    Yep, I've been sick a lot this year. I'm planning on dossing school soon too. The only problem is that the school rings home. D: Yeah, I don't think I'd be made do them anyway. My school's a complete sh!thole. It's falling down, we have no uniform and it doesn't even look like a school. Still, it's either that or the knacker school where you won't last an hour if you don't live in a council estate. (Y)

    Yep, I can't even go outside at my house. My neighbours stalk me. They're like 10-11 years old and wait outside, looking over the ditch to see if I'm outside. They WATCHED me having a snowball fight with my family. They did nothing in the snow. Yeah, a lot of my friends are spread out too. We're all at the opposite sides going to the school. My best friend (well one of them) went to primary school with me, but she goes to the girl's school now. She lives in the village and the school's across the road from her. I went to a small school with 15 people in my class (three boys and twelve girls) so yeah. I didn't know anyone going to secondary school so none of my other friends live anywhere near me. D:

    FUC*! I'm doing it again!

    Haha, sounds awesome. My other best friend from school's dad is in a barband too. I'm sure it's not that bad. Heh, that actually would be pretty cool.

    Aww, yeah. D: I WANT TO STAB HIM. Well, I did until I figured out that I'm not going anyway. My mam said we don't have to because nobody else around here is going to bother. That's actually an unusual thing for her to say, but hey, I'm not complaining!

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