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Conversation Between Umbra and Maruno

Conversation Between Umbra and Maruno
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  1. Umbra
    October 27th, 2014 1:04 PM
    I didn't mention what kind of game it is because I didn't know how to classify it. But thanks! I'll update my post when I get on my computer again
  2. Maruno
    October 27th, 2014 5:13 AM
    I think you missed out mentioning in the description that it's a top-down fantasy-based dungeon crawler. But since it's not a game made in Essentials, and you've shown some progress at all, it's suitable for the Showcase. Moved.
  3. Umbra
    October 26th, 2014 5:06 PM
    Hey, do you think you my thread is ready to be moved into Games Showcase, or if not give me a few pointers on what should be done before it's ready?
  4. Umbra
    July 15th, 2014 7:30 PM
    Hey what are your thoughts on a community wide game project? Basically, as a whole community we agree on how the game will be created and any one can pitch in resources to be used. (But at the same price anyone can make edits to the same resources submitted) I can work out how to host everything and I have methods to use to help prevent trolls from messing up the project, although I doubt that'd happen.
  5. Umbra
    January 25th, 2014 6:30 PM

    Edit: Also, thank-you for changing my two threads from "script" to "essentials script"
  6. Maruno
    January 25th, 2014 11:03 AM
  7. Umbra
    January 24th, 2014 6:36 PM
    Could you rename my thread to "Mach and Acro Bike Script":
  8. Umbra
    October 22nd, 2012 6:18 AM
    that is 90% complete, also I have been working on a new mystery gift with encryptions and everyone receives the exact same pokemon every time (including the personalID) also includes support for items, eggs, switches, and variables. If you want to look at it I'd be happy to let you.

    EDIT: look in the tutorials and resources for it there.
  9. Maruno
    October 22nd, 2012 5:01 AM
    I would consider it, but I'd prefer to add it only when it's actually useful (i.e. when GTS scripts have also been created for them).
  10. Umbra
    October 21st, 2012 12:00 PM
    Hey, would you consider putting my php-sql script into essentials?

    Here are a few reasons why:
    Even though your database can be hacked if your game is cracked, your username/password/host is still safe
    It's easier to use than normal MySQL scripts
    and it will remove the need to look into berka's script to fix it.
  11. Umbra
    October 7th, 2012 10:03 AM
    Sockets are used to send data from one socket to another, like when connecting to a website you are receiving a socket with the website's info.

    Mystery Gift
    The pbDownloadToString function

    these all (or for best results) require a connection to the internet (using sockets) to do so.
  12. Maruno
    October 7th, 2012 4:47 AM
    I have no idea what a socket is, and therefore no idea about what they can do or what I would want from them.
  13. Umbra
    October 6th, 2012 1:27 PM
    I am currently working on a sockets handler if you wanted it for essentials just specify some basics for me to add, I already pre-released some of it:

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