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  1. Rai-chan
    October 4th, 2009 6:42 PM
    Also on my extremely long driveway XD
  2. dream's-epilogue
    October 4th, 2009 6:38 PM
    You do it on the streets? Well, that's...better?
  3. Rai-chan
    October 4th, 2009 6:35 PM
    HAHA danger is my middle name! Yeah, its most likely extremely dangerous. But... whats life without excitement, eh? Hehe, we always have a lookout for cars too.
  4. dream's-epilogue
    October 4th, 2009 6:29 PM
    Cardboard? Isn't that a little...dangerous?
  5. Rai-chan
    October 4th, 2009 6:27 PM
    I love snow!! ^ ^ We just have ice. Which is can be really fun if you have a piece of cardboard, but snow is so much fun too
  6. dream's-epilogue
    October 4th, 2009 6:23 PM
    You like snow?
  7. Rai-chan
    October 4th, 2009 6:22 PM
    Hahahaha!.... I wish...
  8. dream's-epilogue
    October 4th, 2009 4:01 PM
    It's getting cold all around...winter's almost here. Seen any snow yet?
  9. Rai-chan
    October 4th, 2009 4:00 PM
    Meh.. its too cold in my house
  10. dream's-epilogue
    October 2nd, 2009 5:00 PM

    I know, so do I.
  11. Rai-chan
    October 2nd, 2009 4:20 PM
    You're still cool anyway.
    Gaaa, I need to read more Pokemon special
  12. dream's-epilogue
    September 29th, 2009 5:07 PM
    ...mmm, not really, I'm ashamed to say. I used to play, but wasn't any food, so I quit...I do have a couple of skills that I guess could be interpreted as artsitic, but not really.
  13. Rai-chan
    September 29th, 2009 5:06 PM
    Yeah, that would be cool. Maybe I'll be famous some day XD
    A lot of my friends are that way too.
    Do you do anything artistic?
  14. dream's-epilogue
    September 29th, 2009 5:03 PM
    I wish there was some way I could hear you play. All of my friends are artistic is some way, it seems...
  15. Rai-chan
    September 29th, 2009 4:58 PM
    Well, Im not fantastic.. but I guess I'm okay for my age group

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