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Conversation Between DrFuji and 06s23

Conversation Between DrFuji and 06s23
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  1. 06s23
    March 11th, 2010 7:57 AM
    dude i know ur problem. when i was doing all he tile stuff for the previous hack, it go me so pissed off and i left hacking lol
    so if ya dont mind, im just gonna stick to making
  2. DrFuji
    March 10th, 2010 8:36 PM
    Don't worry about it :D

    Those tiles are based off the Saffron City fence, aren't they? If we're putting them in, it would have to be for speciffic maps as tileset 0 is pretty much taken up and won't be able to handle tiles of the at size :P
  3. 06s23
    March 10th, 2010 12:07 PM
  4. DrFuji
    March 9th, 2010 8:42 PM
    I'm not doubting that you made a wood pile at some point, but I got this one from Spriter K's year-old sprite sheet :/

    Yes, I am a mapper.
  5. 06s23
    March 9th, 2010 8:24 AM
    well i can assure you, not to sound rude, but i created the woodpile, ask adamb241, i did it for the previous hack of his.
    and you are mapper i presume?
  6. DrFuji
    March 8th, 2010 8:34 PM
    Sorry, but I actually found out who did the wood pile a while ago (Spriter K) - I guess that I never updated the disclaimers D:

    Yes, I'm helping with the hack.

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