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  1. Alignment
    September 14th, 2012 5:03 AM
    I humbly apologize, but 'Dr.Fuji' as a name articulates that the character in question has a Ph.D. Considering this, the said character must indeed be a successful researcher or famous scientist. However, for a person like this to be of importance in Celestium he must be the inventor of the E-ball. Which is by turn impossible because I already decided the mentioned inventor's name would be John, Bob, Jack or Robert. Do you understand the complicated predicament in which I cannot allow a character to be named Dr.Fuji?

    Sorry, and my condolences to your loss. :(
  2. DrFuji
    September 14th, 2012 4:47 AM

    That's how I feel... I'm not mad, just disappointed. Anybody named Fuji is supposed to become supreme champion and ruler of the world yet you defy this law of nature :(
  3. Alignment
    September 14th, 2012 4:19 AM
    I don't know, there's an idiot trainer in my hack called fuji.I didn't even capitalize it to symbolize further insult. He dies. You still wanna play? DO YOU????

    I lied. There is no Fuji in this hack, HOW MAD ARE YOU?!?!!1
  4. DrFuji
    September 13th, 2012 2:47 PM

  5. Alignment
    September 12th, 2012 3:48 AM
    A real friend would never do that :(

    Btw, did you make that tutorial you promised to make like a year ago?
  6. DrFuji
    September 11th, 2012 9:34 PM
    brb, closing your thread for indecent content.

    But that's the best kind of relationship :3
  7. Alignment
    September 11th, 2012 6:37 PM
    Sorry, rated M for mature. Children should stay out, I'm not sure you could handle it :D
    Apply cold water to burn.

    Edit: I just realized the type of relationship we have is one which we insult each other to no end.
  8. DrFuji
    September 11th, 2012 5:26 AM
    jsyk I've decided that I'm beta testing Celestium. No, you have no say in the matter.

    I'm glad you understand :)
  9. Alignment
    April 29th, 2012 7:25 PM
    Since you don't realize how awesome the script is just by it's name & you think it's 30 lines.

    addpokemon JIGGLYPUFF 0x100 NONE 0 0 0
    setflag 661

    Sorry to hear about your parents. Not quite sure why they were in the back alley (if ya know what I mean ;P).

    Btw, now that your a mod, you can't stay lurking in the shadows. They will ALL stalk you!
  10. DrFuji
    April 29th, 2012 4:21 PM
    Oh yeah, how many lines is it? Probably only a measly 30 ;D

    Thanks bro,my parents were shot and killed in a theatre back alley by a spammer when I was only 8 years old so now I feel like I have duty to stop those who will otherwise do the same. I am the hero that PC deserves.
  11. Alignment
    April 28th, 2012 7:17 AM
    Admittedly your black jack script is pretty impressive. Too bad it's not as good as my wild Jiggly puff script.

    Well dropped in to say hi, and congrats you on your rise to power. A tragic hero must have power right :D
  12. DrFuji
    April 28th, 2012 6:30 AM
    I did, because I'm badass
  13. Alignment
    April 27th, 2012 5:29 AM
    Dear god, who in their right mind gave you highly abusable power?!
  14. Alignment
    November 7th, 2011 1:09 PM
    Haha, I was watching an episode of tv which is frankly higher on my priority list
    Guess your mother doesn't count as worthwhile :X

    Because "If you don't want to enter a world of pain" isn't the least bit cliche right? Big boy here's watched a little too much superman the animated series. I can count as high as the amount of times I can serve you a whoopin'

    You first. I swear I will 100% do it if you do it and make a thread for it.
  15. DrFuji
    November 6th, 2011 6:29 PM
    I replied quicker to your last VM than you replied to me just now, you're the one who's afraid. The only reason why this VM is later is because I have stuff to do, unlike you - Done anything worthwhile today? I didn't think so.
    Oh wow, you think my bark is stronger than my bite? Dude, only little kids use comebacks that clichéd. I'd ask how old you are for using it, but I know you can't count that high.

    If you think I'm fat then why aren't offering to me your help? If I get get even one look at you I'll lose my appetite!

    Only if you make one called Fudgetastic.

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