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  1. Spherical Ice
    May 3rd, 2014 2:22 AM
    Spherical Ice
    nothing's been the same.

    ooh what does the scripting project entail?
  2. DrFuji
    May 3rd, 2014 2:21 AM
    the last time i saw you wwii was still going strong. how did you fare after singapore fell?

    nooooooooooooooo don't make me spend 100 hours on the again ;-;. i've been keeping myself busy with a pretty neat scripting side-project. 600 lines so far and nowhere near finished
  3. Spherical Ice
    May 3rd, 2014 2:13 AM
    Spherical Ice
    im good man. we havent spoken in years. literal years. this is what i've been working on mostly. what about you? how is upsidedownworld
  4. DrFuji
    May 3rd, 2014 2:10 AM
    how's it goin gurl?
  5. DrFuji
    March 27th, 2014 11:55 PM
    u were a "mod" b4 me so u shuld have don that 4 years ago wehn u coold........

    nice memes btw
  6. Spherical Ice
    March 27th, 2014 10:39 AM
    Spherical Ice
    "hi" can you approve my relationship with ur mum i submitted it twelve years ago and i havent had a response yet... "some" "mods" are really "slow".....
  7. DrFuji
    March 21st, 2014 10:20 PM
    You sound pretty jealous. Was Yoshi you're waifu?

  8. Spherical Ice
    March 21st, 2014 8:15 AM
    Spherical Ice
    Yoshi > Generic Waifu #322121145543

    smh >.>'' gosh
  9. DrFuji
    February 27th, 2014 2:05 PM
    chapter 6 of the spherical ice x fireworks bondage dungeon adventure should be in your box by lunchtime
  10. Spherical Ice
    February 27th, 2014 9:39 AM
    Spherical Ice
    ok but im just staring at my inbox waiting for a PM now
  11. DrFuji
    February 26th, 2014 2:17 PM
    my spherical ice x giradialkia orgasm denial story is coming along nicely thank you very much
  12. Spherical Ice
    February 26th, 2014 7:36 AM
    Spherical Ice
    derry stop sending me your dick pictures / fap fictions

    but ok
  13. DrFuji
    February 26th, 2014 5:39 AM
    Hey dude, I wrote up a nice long PM for you but my laptop crashed and ate it. I'll find some more time to write it up again but it will be a little later ;_;
  14. DrFuji
    February 17th, 2014 2:09 AM
    you mean spikey ice
  15. Spherical Ice
    February 17th, 2014 2:04 AM
    Spherical Ice

    also ur avatar is spherical ice

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