Conversation Between NiKaNoRoU and Nurse Barbra
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  1. NiKaNoRoU
    October 28th, 2010 7:06 AM
    k then
  2. Nurse Barbra
    October 28th, 2010 6:58 AM
    Nurse Barbra
  3. NiKaNoRoU
    October 28th, 2010 6:53 AM
    Yeah. Got any?
  4. Nurse Barbra
    October 28th, 2010 6:49 AM
    Nurse Barbra
    flashy mind?
  5. NiKaNoRoU
    October 28th, 2010 2:16 AM
    I'm talking to the real human behind the monitor. What a flashy mind...
  6. Nurse Barbra
    October 28th, 2010 1:51 AM
    Nurse Barbra
    That still doesn't answer my question.
  7. NiKaNoRoU
    October 28th, 2010 12:27 AM
    If your real name's Shawn, then yes, I mean you.
  8. Nurse Barbra
    October 27th, 2010 1:49 PM
    Nurse Barbra
    That depends. are you talking to Shawn or Barbra....
  9. NiKaNoRoU
    October 27th, 2010 1:21 PM
    You're not a girl, right? RIGHT?
  10. Nurse Barbra
    October 27th, 2010 9:54 AM
    Nurse Barbra
    He.... HE!?! THATS IT! *Grabs a shotgun,some throwing knives, and some ammo* YOU'RE DEAD......Hypotechlically speaking of course
  11. NiKaNoRoU
    October 27th, 2010 9:02 AM
    HE WHO MISSPELS THE NAME OF SIENNA SHALL NOT BE FORGIVEN. Especially some type of rambo nurse
  12. Nurse Barbra
    October 27th, 2010 7:57 AM
    Nurse Barbra
    Oh sorry. I'm good. There. Happy?..... No? Well then. No Refunds
  13. NiKaNoRoU
    October 27th, 2010 7:52 AM
    Gah, gah, bad grammar. Bad.
  14. Nurse Barbra
    October 27th, 2010 6:08 AM
    Nurse Barbra
    no thanks im good.
  15. NiKaNoRoU
    October 27th, 2010 5:50 AM
    shoo(i)t suit yourself, Barbra.

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