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  1. Warship
    April 29th, 2013 10:48 PM
    Oh great as a matter of fact ghost channel is my favorite too but for different reasons. Them being trapped in a simulation bubble and jeremy rescuing them really intrigued me and when they chose the real jeremy because of the emotion stuff i wached that episode like for 6 times :D
  2. LyokoGirl5000
    April 29th, 2013 5:11 PM
    Yeah, I love Code Lyoko. My favorite episode is Ghost Channel because it's the only one that you can hear Xana's real voice in clearly. Xana is a great villain. He has a lot of character development even though we never see him.
  3. Warship
    April 23rd, 2013 8:13 AM
    hey it seems you are the only person here who watches code lyoko at least the only one i've seen :D are you still watching it? i'd love to discuss

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