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  1. curiousnathan
    February 5th, 2013 3:57 AM
    Thanks-a-doodle! :3
  2. Skymin
    February 4th, 2013 11:27 PM
    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure thing!1!!!1! d:
  3. curiousnathan
    February 4th, 2013 9:36 PM
    Hey Skymin, I was wondering if you'd be able to close both the OOC and IC threads of my roleplay as I am unable to meet the time requirements in order to continue to manage it. (Pokemon: Tournament of Life). Thanks a bunch!
  4. curiousnathan
    October 23rd, 2012 10:45 PM
    I thought I might drop in and say hi!
  5. curiousnathan
    February 6th, 2012 11:56 PM
    shankyou, kind sir. :3
  6. Skymin
    February 6th, 2012 10:41 PM
    Sure thing! Done!
  7. curiousnathan
    February 6th, 2012 9:55 PM
    Heya, could I get my RP Surivivor: Pokestyle moved to OOC. I'd really appreciate it. :3
  8. Skymin
    January 17th, 2012 5:55 AM
    EXCELLENCE. ill have to do that when i play it next.
  9. curiousnathan
    January 17th, 2012 4:13 AM
    Then don't buy whitrun, all it has is an alchemy lab. Buy riften or any 8k house. They'll have enchanting table for sure.
  10. Skymin
    January 17th, 2012 4:09 AM
    i need a house with an enchanting table.
  11. curiousnathan
    January 16th, 2012 2:40 PM
    Oh... yeah! XD;

    mm, true, I like Riften though since he house is right next to the local shop, so it isn't a hike to just sell your stuff. (I don't do much smithing)
  12. Skymin
    January 16th, 2012 4:46 AM
    wait you mean 8k, right?!

    i like how in whiterun, your house is right next to the smithy
  13. curiousnathan
    January 16th, 2012 4:38 AM

    Its not as expensive as others, but the more expensive ones have more utilities which can be pretty useful! Especially if you have lots of clutter that you don't want to sell.
  14. Skymin
    January 16th, 2012 4:18 AM

    How much for markarth because thats a pree cool city
  15. curiousnathan
    January 15th, 2012 9:08 PM
    Cool, but you can't I don't think. A house in Windhelm costs 12k and one in Solitude costs 25k

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