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  1. SkyX
    February 13th, 2011 12:31 AM
    well i nid to ask u one question that'll help me, wer do u get new tiles?
  2. SkyX
    February 13th, 2011 12:27 AM
    Nickname: Sky
    Pokemons:Dragonite Lv. 46
    Flotazel Lv. 42
    Salamence Lv. 46
    Shiftry Lv. 45
    Aerodactyl Lv. 44(first in match-up) and last and finally
    Gengar Lv. 45
    well, i hope i can help you
  3. SkyX
    February 13th, 2011 12:24 AM
    can i help u w/ this? :3) People who want to be part of the game as trainers
    (Kindly choose a nickname along with 6 pokemon from any particular region
    u have 4 regions to choose from)
    P.S No legendaries and max of 1 starter in team level allowed 41-46 choose all levels not like all 46 levels?

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