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Conversation Between Sini and Gary, the Magic Fairy

Conversation Between Sini and Gary, the Magic Fairy
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  1. Gary, the Magic Fairy
    December 6th, 2009 2:23 PM
    Gary, the Magic Fairy
    Originally Posted by Sini View Post
    I could spend all day correcting the logic in that post and explaining to you how unhelpful that comment was, but I don't to take part in the flame war your trying to produce.
    In this section, all the topics are about ideas. You can hate an idea all you want, but that's not helping, so don't comment at all.
    This is an interesting idea, I just hope he decides to keep working on it with all these negative comments.
    1) These whining posts are much more unhelpful than mine.
    2) My logic is fine, and I don't believe you know what you're talking about.
    3) You have absolutely no right to tell me not to comment at all.
    4) I'm not starting a flame war. If anyone is, it's you, for derailing the thread by whining about my comment. That's all it was. A comment. I had no intention for you to come in after and start complaining. Personally, I would have rather you just minded your own business than start on me.
    5) People can have opinions. I don't like this, you do. I suggest you find some way to deal with this.

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