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  1. Omega Sableye
    February 17th, 2010 11:52 PM
    Omega Sableye
    hello :3
  2. Omega Sableye
    January 25th, 2010 11:43 PM
    Omega Sableye
    hello :D
  3. Mawile412
    January 25th, 2010 4:52 PM
    hi :D
  4. Omega Sableye
    January 23rd, 2010 6:41 AM
    Omega Sableye
    ah right

    okay, see ya later
  5. Mawile412
    January 23rd, 2010 6:16 AM
    i don't remember most of it. i was only 10

    so anyway... gotta go soon. Sister has a basketball game
  6. Omega Sableye
    January 23rd, 2010 6:13 AM
    Omega Sableye
    that must have been hard to deal with

  7. Mawile412
    January 23rd, 2010 6:09 AM

    i try not to. But sometimes i still do..
  8. Omega Sableye
    January 22nd, 2010 11:26 PM
    Omega Sableye
    holy crap, i didnt know your Mum had breast cancer o.o

    well, i hardly cut myself now as well, but i still wear black and red clothes :D
  9. Mawile412
    January 22nd, 2010 1:59 PM
    here we go, it's long:

    Mawile412: the life story
    Hello, i'm Lilly *last name is already known by who's reading this*
    i was born iin New Jersey and i still live there *sigh*. i live only 15 minutes from philadelphia and 25 minutes from Atlantic City. I gots shortish blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. I got into pokemon after stealing my cousin's pokemon red(hehe). I've been to disney world lots of time, once even in the same month. i love the ocean and the color cerulean. I'm short, waaaaaay too short. some of the bad times in my life? 5 years ago my mom found out she had breast cancer. She tried to kill herself one night and i had to call the cops and go to the hospital with my dad and little sister. i had to go to school the next day and act like everything was fine. i didnt have many friends back then but now i got loads of them. a few years back my dad picked me and my sister up from our grandma's house. he was drunk and he drove home. i was scared out of my mind. we later crashed into a car, luckily we were all unharmed. but my dad was arrested and my mom came home from work and took me and my sister to the police station to pick him up. on the ride home mom and dad were fighting, dad got kicked out of the car, and tryed to walk home. my mom sister and i went looking for him, turned out her robbed a store and got arrested agian. we paid the bail and everything is normal again. My best friends are Olivia and Amber sadly they don't like pokemon. I had another friend, Jenny, who was raped by her boyfriend and she killed herself .... i used to cut myself but i rarely do it anymore. i wear bright colors though because i don't want to look so sad...
  10. Omega Sableye
    January 22nd, 2010 1:50 PM
    Omega Sableye
    Well, i was born in 1995 on December 5th. My parents were kinda dissapointed because they were hoping for another girl . When i was 3, i started going to nursery (kindergarten) at my Primary School. I was pretty much by myself because no-one really talked to me, and that's how it stayed all the way through P1 - P7. Once i reached S1 (High School) I finally managed to make some emo / mosher friends. I often get into trouble because of my anger problems and because the teachers here are crap. I also tend to get beat up a lot too. Im still really unpopular, but I'm happy because i have friends and a girlfriend. Im also always really happy because i get to talk to Lilly every night. So, that's pretty much my life story

    i could go into a hell of a lot more detail, but it would be a novel

    whats your life story?
  11. Mawile412
    January 22nd, 2010 1:44 PM
    O_O probably... what's your life story then?
  12. Omega Sableye
    January 22nd, 2010 1:43 PM
    Omega Sableye
    Am I the only person you've never asked about their life story? lol
  13. Mawile412
    January 22nd, 2010 1:40 PM
    good! :p
  14. Omega Sableye
    January 22nd, 2010 1:39 PM
    Omega Sableye
    fiend you i must >:D
  15. Mawile412
    January 22nd, 2010 1:30 PM
    i'm so bored dude!

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