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  1. Lieutenant Unstable
    April 9th, 2010 11:44 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Hey! Quick note just to say 'hey' and see how you are. Also, I can own all the E4...except Lucien. >_> *goes back to train some more* lol. ^_~
  2. Lieutenant Unstable
    April 8th, 2010 1:12 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Oh man! I had to leave for like ten minutes to help my nephew do something! Crap! =( I can't wait til you get your laptop, lol. Anyway, PH is really fun! I love it like crazy. It's very easy to get addicted to, lol.

    Oh, guess what! I'm probably gonna get SoulSilver next week. I've been saving up my money to get it. I got the last badge on Platinum last night and I'm heading to Victory Road now, lol. ^_^
  3. Sudeki
    April 8th, 2010 12:08 PM
    Haha yeah no problem, I'll try to get you a Surfing and a flying. And yeah Im blown away xD, And omg your online!!!
    No I havent played PH, But I have played and beat Spirit tracks, I've wanted to play PH though.
    Aww you left right before I got here, well I gotta go, Hope you have a nice day~
  4. Lieutenant Unstable
    April 5th, 2010 12:38 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Oh yeah, I would freaking LOVE me some of those Pikachu's! Or, atleast one, lol. =D That would be amazing. Is there anything you want from Sinnoh? I hate not giving you back something you want, too. =D

    Also, I've been playing Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass for DS. Have you ever played it?
  5. Lieutenant Unstable
    April 5th, 2010 12:36 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Hey!! I'm so sorry it's taken me so dang long to reply. PC has been acting up on me again not letting me stay logged in for more than like, a minute or two at a time. I think it might just be my out dated computer though! lol. So, our likenesses just blew past 'borderline insane' to 'completly and awesome', xD. My favorite band is Breaking Benjamin, and I'm pretty much the same as you on movies! Though my top two favorites would have to be Grandma's Boy and The Perfect Score. I went and saw CLash of The Titans yesterday and it was so good! I loved it. My day today is pretty boring, cos nothing is going on at all. Do not tell me you skateboard! I freaking love skateboarding. Granted, I suck at it, but it's one of my freaking favorite things. I love watching people who are good skateboard. My six year old nephew thinks he's the next Tony Hawk, who is his hero, lol. Wow, that sounds like a kickass team you have! I would like to take you on, but I would cower in fear. xD. Platinum is going great, right now. I'm kind of disappointed in my levels(I'm only in the thirties-forties), so I'm going to spend some time levelling up and evening out, and taking time to train some who aren't in my main line up, which is Staraptor, Prinplup, Wartortle, Psyduck, Hoothoot, and Ivysaur(I know, that's like the weirdest thing ever). Umm...I should probably stop, cause this is like a hella long message!! xD
  6. Sudeki
    April 3rd, 2010 1:30 PM
    Aww, no Reply after like 3 days xD? Whats up? :o
    Btw. since I know you won't be able to get the Flying/Surfing Pikachu's, do you want me to get you them? I mean Im going to end up with alot of em xD.
  7. Sudeki
    March 31st, 2010 2:39 PM
    Like seriously, this is so freaky you like the exact same music I like, word for word. Thats exactly what I would of said "I listen to most music, But I mostly like Rock/Metal and Japanese Pop/Alternative. But our join dates and post counts are funny, its like they should be the otherway around . And Aww you didn't do a ton of Tweets xD always fun to read. :D And it seems like our posts get longer and longer each time xD. I wonder what people think when they see that weve covered eachothers profiles with like tons of paragraphs lol. Can't wait till I get my laptop so I can actually be on, and do what I want. Yeah I used to be really behind on bleach, but I ended up catching up finnaly lol, I've watched alot of 26-30 epi Animes, I'm always disapointed as I want more though. For movies, mmhm thats a tough one, I love watching anime moves ofcourse, But in general I'll pretty much watch most movies, as long as its good xD, You?
    On my heart Gold I've Finnaly I've just got my 9th badge, Beat brock, I'm going to go through them in the original order, my teams pretty good, atm its lvl 56 Alakazam,lvl 55 Scizor,lvl 45 Swampert. They can destroy pretty much everything, My alakazam and Scizor can Solo run the e4 now. Hows your Platinum going? And do you need any poke's from Ruby/Diamond/Heartgold? :O I have no problem getting/giving you any since your awesome :3. So how has your day been? :O Mines been pretty crappy lol, and I've been annoyed that its been raining alot, I can't skate when it rains T_T.
    Well I've typed alot now xD, Don't want to make you have to read some huge wall of text >_<, So talk to you when you post back ^-~.
  8. Lieutenant Unstable
    March 30th, 2010 3:12 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Yaay! I can't wait! lol. It so sucks we keep missing each other, but it doesn't help that I just get on at random times, xD. I should probably have a schedule or something. I desperately need to catch up on Bleach, but I'm SO behind! xD I guess thats why I've been distracting myself with 26-episode animes. And holy crap, I know, I can't belive Jesus! I was like "Uhh, does your dad know you're doing this? >_>" xD I've definitely noticed how long our messages are! I cam't believe it, most of my messages I leave or get are like, 2 or 3 lines long. I listen to all kinds of music! I guess my favorite would be rock/metal, but I love Japanese music, pop, alternative, and even a few country songs(mostly by this one guy though). I listen to alot of different stuff, usually just whatever catches my ear! What about you? How about your favorite movies? =D
  9. Sudeki
    March 30th, 2010 10:42 AM
    Haha , And you will be the first to know when I get my new laptop , Um I'm currently watching a few animes, considering there not finished so its more of a waiting for episodes kinda thing, you can see the ones I'm watching on the PA account. Its going to be alot better once we can talk on an IM or something ;D. And omg Jesus asked you out!? How inconsiderate of him! Haha I love reading through your Twitter stuff, it cracks me up ^-~.
    And Aww I keep catching you offline >__<, I can only get on for like 2hours every other day, but I'm sure were going to be able to talk alot more once I get my laptop . And have you noticed we always type a ton to eachother? xD We do like the longest messeges on here . By the way what types of music do you like O_O?? Anyways Have a nice day :3, I gotta get off now T_T
  10. Lieutenant Unstable
    March 29th, 2010 8:34 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Green is my favorite colour! =D! That sucks your laptop broke, but congrats on graduating! That is awesome. I don't graduate til May, lol. You have to let me know as soon as you get your laptop so we can trade messenger info and whatnot. I haven't watched as much anime lately cos I've been wrapped up in the second season of True Blood, lol, but I'm going to start back on what I've been watched soon. Which anime are you currently watching? I hope I catch you on here soon! =D
  11. Sudeki
    March 29th, 2010 10:10 AM
    Woot, I love new best Friends :D, Yeah I watch most of my Anime online too, although I havent been able to watch any Anime since my laptop broke, but my grandparents are getting me a new one once I graduate, which is this weekend. :D I love your profile colors, I <3 Green :D. But yeah once I get my new laptop I'll be able to get on alot more and actually be able to use my messengers and such. I hope you get to go to your sisters house so you can use her internets . Too bad your not online right now, maybe you will come on while I'm still on, So yeah post back when you get the chance .
  12. Lieutenant Unstable
    March 27th, 2010 6:29 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Oh thanks! You are pretty damn awesome too! I've never met anyone who liked just about everything I liked. I mean, ever. So, you're like my new best friend, lol. =D You have a really great anime list--I also like One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing and Inuyasha! There's alot more that I'm wanting to see and just haven't yet. I watch the majority of them online, and I don't get to do that until I go to my sisters house(she has like, super fast internet, lol). And that's exactly why I've yet to watch SGU--I don't like all serious, all the time, haha. But I'm still going to watch it soon. It was great talking to you, and if you ever see me online, definitely drop me a line! Cos' I enjoy talking to awesome people, and you're awesome. =D
  13. Sudeki
    March 27th, 2010 3:34 PM
    Thats really cool, I love all those animes xD if you want to check out most of the animes I've watched check out my anime planet account.
    There is still probably tons of animes I've missed, but its hard to remember all that i've watched.
    And its not silly , One reason I havn't really liked Universe, is because its more of a "Serious/Survival" kinda theme, But dam your pretty awesome . Never met someone who likes so much that I do xD, (And I've met ALOT of people). So whats up?

    Well I gotta head out now, was nice chatting with you , Hope to catch you on again another time =).
  14. Lieutenant Unstable
    March 27th, 2010 3:20 PM
    Lieutenant Unstable
    Yay! Added you back. ~_^ I heard that Universe wouldn't have as much humor as the other two shows, and that kind of turned me off. I know its silly, but that was one of the things I enjoyed most about SG1 and SGA, besides the storyline itself! Blue&black are my second and third favorite colours! lol. Yeah, I still have Red/Yellow and Silver/Gold. Only Yellow still saves though. :( I've liked every anime I've ever seen, with the exception of one, which was only cos I didn't like the main character! lol! My all time favorite is Trigun, followed by Yu Yu Hakusho and Bleach. I like Cowboy Bebop, Trinity Blood, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vampire Knight, Dragonball Z, and more I'm just forgetting at the moment(sleep deprivation! lol). What about you? =D
  15. Sudeki
    March 27th, 2010 2:27 PM
    Soul - FC: 0346 - 1537 - 0976 Already Added you.
    Well I've been kinda Half and Half about the Universe Series, its not really like the other shows, completely different plot. Also you got the same DS I do , I love Blue, And Black (looks at profile xD)
    Do you still have the original Games? I still got gold/crystal and blue/yellow xD.
    Also what kinds of Anime/Manga's do you like? I love pretty much most of them xD.

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