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  1. giradialkia
    February 11th, 2014 3:57 PM
    It's mainly just a time thing. I'd started in my later years in secondary school and didn't have much going on, but now I'm nearing the end of my college degree, and am balancing quite a few plates so to speak. So it just makes sense for me to step down. :) I'd been rather inactive as a mod for the past few months anyway, so realistically it wouldn't be fair to stay on the staff when I'd spend more days of the week offline than I would online.
  2. Tcoppy
    February 11th, 2014 3:53 PM
    If this isn't that personal for you, why did you resign from moderating?
  3. giradialkia
    February 11th, 2014 1:39 PM
    I don't know about that, but thank you, that's a hell of a compliment! :)
  4. Tcoppy
    February 11th, 2014 1:36 PM
    Well, thank you for being a moderator here while I was here, you were one of the best.
  5. giradialkia
    February 11th, 2014 1:32 PM
    Yep, Harold was Emulation moderator along with Christos (though he wasn't really around too much towards the end). I was moderated along side them, then quickly it was just me and colcolstyles, and then after a while colcol left and DrFuji joined me. Recently karatekid joined us, and now I'm stepping down.

    As far as I'm aware DrFuji will indeed be returning promptly - it's just unfortunate timing that my demodding happened right now, is all. He'll be joining karatekid again in no time, and from there who knows?
  6. Tcoppy
    February 11th, 2014 12:53 PM
    Actually I think I saw Harold be a mod here to before I guess he stepped down, or I might just making that up. Who knows? xD

    That's good though, your not leaving PC yet, I tried to leave but came back after I think three months. xD
    Just out of curiousity, do you know if Fuji left permenently too? Also, do you know whats going to happen now with the emulation moderation now with just Karatekid and/or Fuji?
  7. giradialkia
    February 11th, 2014 7:34 AM
    Oh wow, someone who remembers the days of Gira and colcolstyles! I was a mod even before colcolstyles, as a matter of interest :P
    Actually, you might see me a bit more around the forums - at least, I'm going to try to visit forums outside of Emulation and ROM Hacking. I didn't have all that much time to do so while I was moderator, so I'm gonna do some exploring. It's been a while! :)
  8. Tcoppy
    February 11th, 2014 3:20 AM
    Wow Gira, this is going to be weird, seeing how when I first got here to PC it was you and colcolstyles. You did have a good run though! Does this mean we'll be seeing you less around the forums too?
  9. giradialkia
    February 11th, 2014 12:03 AM
    I'm afraid not anymore! :(
  10. Tcoppy
    February 10th, 2014 6:04 PM
    O.o are you still a moderator dude?
  11. Tcoppy
    September 11th, 2013 4:04 PM
    Meh, I don't really see anything good at Emulation anymore really, unlike before, and I've thought about this for around 6 months, then I tried to get on a hack team, which I did, but I guess I just don't have the passion in me to keep hacking. :/
  12. giradialkia
    September 11th, 2013 3:03 PM
    Ah, thanks! It's a shame to hear you're leaving, though! :/
  13. Tcoppy
    September 11th, 2013 2:56 PM
    No problem, I'd thought I'd at least wish you a happy birthday before I left PC
  14. giradialkia
    September 11th, 2013 2:11 PM
    Thanks dude! :D
  15. Tcoppy
    September 11th, 2013 1:02 PM
    Happy Birthday Gira!

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