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  1. PkmnTrainerChristian
    October 16th, 2011 11:01 AM
    i used tl;dr cause i was too lazy to read through all the posts to find a ups patcher
  2. Tcoppy
    September 27th, 2011 4:09 PM

    Sorry if it's already been asked,(tl;dr) but what program is used to open UPS
    Number 1: Nice Avatar xD
    Number 2:You used tl;dr in the wrong use since your post wasn't long at all
    Number 3: Don't ask random off topic questions in a pokemon hack's thread
    Number 4:You do know Liquid Crystal is an IPS patch right?
    Number 5:Just google UPS patcher and there should be a link to a patcher that will work for you.
    Number 6:Read the threads rules,the mods here are really strict when it comes to following the rules and such xD

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