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  1. Tropical Sunlight
    June 22nd, 2010 5:40 AM
    Tropical Sunlight
    Wow, I never noticed
  2. Sawakita
    June 22nd, 2010 2:18 AM
    Hey, how are you? i just noticed something wierd in your hack (Turquoise), and wanted to let you know.. here it is a screen:
    probably a tile/block error. Hope it helped, see you!
  3. Sawakita
    June 18th, 2010 3:34 AM
    sure, i'll tell you! even though i didn't find anything wrong 'till now.
  4. Tropical Sunlight
    June 18th, 2010 3:27 AM
    Tropical Sunlight
    Haha, nice.
    I use a translator for my hack, so the text might be a bit incorrent in places. If that occurs, would you please inform me?
  5. Sawakita
    June 17th, 2010 7:26 AM
    It sounds incredible to me that somebody never heard of Slovenia... sorry for the intrusion, I just started playing your hack (turquoise) and noticed the italian dialogues (I'm from italy, by the way), and I came here to see if you're italian too. So, I gave a look to your visitor board, and I saw that conversation. In conclusion you're not italian, but pretty near after all...! Anyway your hack seems good, nice work!

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