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Conversation Between for him. and Fuyu
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  1. for him.
    3 Weeks Ago 9:55 PM
    for him.
    I am doomed for one of my classes tomorrow. I am slowly accepting it. LOL ;D
  2. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 7:12 AM
    Same xD
  3. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 8:29 PM
    for him.
    The light is somewhere. ;D ahahaha, and yet I still procrastinate.
  4. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 3:06 PM
  5. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 10:27 AM
    for him.
    I feel you. It'll all be over soon. T^T
  6. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 8:23 PM
    Been better. I'm gonna try and catch up on everything this week. November man.
  7. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 2:34 PM
    for him.
    How's your suffering (school work) going?
  8. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 7:00 AM
  9. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 5:53 PM
    for him.
    Thanks :D.
  10. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 11:30 AM
    I wish you so much luck m8.
  11. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 10:54 AM
    for him.
    Oops I have two exams tomorrow and one next week. Wish me luck friend.
  12. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 9:26 AM
  13. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 2:18 PM
    for him.
    Same. I stayed up to finish a 1500 word essay about the history of a poem. :/ I only had two hours of sleep. Ooops.
  14. Fuyu
    4 Weeks Ago 1:34 PM
    Tired xD you?
  15. for him.
    4 Weeks Ago 8:45 AM
    for him.
    How are you?

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