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  1. xSunlightx
    August 17th, 2010 4:10 PM
    I'm a really big Metal Gear fan ^.^;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Especially number two. I love Raiden (And Hal...and Snake....and everyone other character lol) I didn't like Raiden so much in the 4th game though. He was so much better as a pretty Snake 'clone'.

    I also really like Megaman. Mostly cause I like torturing myself/when things are hard. Plus Megaman and all the robot masters (bad guys) are too cute.

    Umm..hmm... *thinks* an odd one (not that the last two weren't any odder) is Virtua Fighter...I....kind of like fighting games 3: But that one the most. It's really really fun.

    And Pokemon (duh lol). But those aren't all I like ^.^; Just probably like my 3 favs (They're kinda out there, I know)

    What kind of games do you like?

    I haven't seen He's Just Not That Into You. That can be changed though ^.^

    Edit: Hhnnngggg I love Harvestmoon too! Nyaah!
  2. ßrooke
    August 17th, 2010 3:14 PM
    I don't think I've seen that one... one of my favorites is He's Just Not That Into You. xD

    What games do you like playing?
  3. xSunlightx
    August 17th, 2010 1:27 PM
    I don't play very many video games, but the ones I do I play A LOT lol. Like... A LOT a lot. I like chick flicks too. Probably my favorite (well one of my favs) is You've Got Mail. Have you seen it? ^.^
  4. ßrooke
    August 17th, 2010 12:45 PM
    Hahh, you're almost the opposite as me. I like being outside and being a bum.. but I hate sports and hiking. xD
    As for movies, I love them! I'm into a lot of chick flicks though.. but, I have to be alone to pay full attention to one.. if other people are there I talk too much. lmao

    Let's see.. When school is in session I'm in the Marching Band (I just started learning Clarinet :P) and I'm involved in all of the school plays and stuff. Either I'm in it or I do stage crew. To me, being on stage is one of the best feelings in the world =^_^= Oh, and I love video games (I'm a big Nintendo fan) , and I'm a computer nerd... I 'm into web design and stuff like that. :3
  5. xSunlightx
    August 17th, 2010 10:52 AM
    What do I like to do for fun? Lots of things! (AND lots of nothings!)

    I'm kind of a dork for the outdoors. I say that cause while I enjoy hiking, sports and everything...I mostly just go outside and that's it, period. Like I'll just sit/lay there ffffff it's dumb. Movies too...loooooove movies. My big brother has Netflix and shares his account with me so I watch a ton (TOO MUCH!) It's bad...really bad. Especially if you pull out a calculator and go X movie is Y amount of hours + times X amount of movies ='s holy cow how do I have time to go to the bathroom!?! (Which is even more scary if you knew that I'm a robot and like never go to the bathroom..eep!)

    Those are just two things yeah, but I dun wanna put you on system overload or anything like that lol ^.^ How about you?
  6. ßrooke
    August 17th, 2010 10:34 AM
    Yeah.. that would be pretty cool xD
    One day we will get them.. one day.

    OOOH. I stalked your profile and stole your MSN.. just warning you:D

    So anyway, what kind of things do you do for fun?:D
  7. xSunlightx
    August 17th, 2010 9:36 AM
    "Yay! *highfives back* Hehe, I like you. You seem super awesome xD"

    Aww, you're just saying that because my profile tells you to ^.~ hehe

    That's really cool though AND super nice of them. Sounds like you've got some really good friends (spoil yourself, a lot of people don't have that ^.~ - OH! And spoil them too for good measure hehe)

    You seem pretty awesome too...still though...we cooooould be a lot cooler with Wonder Twins rings...*hint hint*
  8. ßrooke
    August 17th, 2010 9:21 AM
    Lol, yeah my name is Brooke. I'm not creative with making usernames on anywhere.. so I just use my name :P

    It was an open mic night at my school. I'm usually in all my school plays and on stage like a million times every year, but this year.. I didn't get any parts really and didn't do much. My friends realized I was bummed out about it, so my friend made her band play with me and they were all "HEY. Come on stage :D" it was a fun last minute experience o__o lol

    Yay! *highfives back* Hehe, I like you. You seem super awesome xD
  9. xSunlightx
    August 17th, 2010 7:26 AM
    You're very welcome ^.^ And we don't have to be strangers lol. My names Lani...I umm...kinda already know yours lol (if it is Brooke...which it probably yeah lol)

    And wow really? For having one day of planning that's really well done. Was it like your schools talent show or battle of the bands?

    I'm not shy at all...but I can be. Really I've not been on stage much but I go back and forth from "uuh...oh no..oh no" moments to really shining on stage.

    Obligatory newbie highfive! *Highfives* We're like newbie twins! :D We should get Wonder Twin rings! lol ^.^
  10. ßrooke
    August 17th, 2010 4:37 AM
    Hehe, thanks kind stranger! ^^
    Yeah, I know what you mean. It was put together pretty much the day before.. and I'm usually a shy person in general. So I was a little awkward xD but, your compliment put a smile on my face :3

    OHEY. We joined the same day!:D lol
  11. xSunlightx
    August 17th, 2010 3:04 AM
    I love the song Wine Red. Nice vid and great work singing., you've got a great voice. It'd be cool to see ya' move around a lil' more though (not like 'dance' but just have the music move through ya'). That's not supposed to be like critique or anything, just sayin' you should have a little more fun while you're up there ^.~ But you were probably nervous. I know I would be...meep

    Love the pink btw!

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