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  1. ChaosLord
    December 8th, 2012 11:17 AM
    Yeah, you came here for "advice", something you still obviously haven't taken even though 15% of the people on here know what the heck they're talking about when we say you can't rush into crap and just expect people to help you. Especially since it should have been clear by now, your idea belongs in the RomHack section since none of the plot is even remotely organized, and you apparently still haven't answered Theik's argument which points out all of this. Let's just get this clear right now; Here in the GameDev section, whenever someone posts an idea that's not polished right at all, we tell you that with an obvious amount of sugar-coating and hope you fix it.

    Since you obviously aren't doing anything but trying to argue how your idea actually makes sense and could work just because it's a side battler(Which btw those games do exist, they just don't appeal in a Pokemon sense) All I can say is, "Ok." We'll just watch you fail on this idea that obviously should have nothing to do with Game Development, and just leave it at that. Hope you actually have enough cells in that brain of yours to realize nobody really likes your idea, and that one who actually supports it, just wants to be able to play a new demo(No matter how crappy) just like everyone else on here.
  2. MegamanDX
    December 7th, 2012 7:45 PM
    Ok...You got me with a ? on my face.
    I came here as a way to get some advice on a idea I had of mine and here you and everyone else as I expect complaining when someone has a strange or odd idea....You all complan and whine....See I can be just like you too, I don't go off and complan to other people about how they do things......

    If your that annoyed with me...Here's some advice I say to all the Poke haters when they are annoyed with me: "Don't want to listen to me....Leave then"

    Lets see how your Poke's stand 20 years from now when even repetition cant make a profit.
  3. ChaosLord
    December 7th, 2012 2:58 PM
    Pfft, if you're talking about pronz sites, then that's just lame. It's not even hard to find that stuff. If you actually want to "prove" it, then show me your ACT or SAT score.

    "I read on the web that alot of Poke fans like me want some change to the current system thats in Pokemon right now..."

    Yeah, same story as everyone else on this site that's in the Game Development section, you all don't got anything to back it up. It's always the same "I think I can make a Pokemon game with no experience at all, I expect you guy's to do all the work, while I contribute with fanfiction, and we'll see if it gets anywhere. And oh yeah; I'm constantly begging people to help me, even though this is just a hobby, and I'm not going to be a Programmer/Designer, or I am, but I'm not old enough, or haven't taken/finished my classes yet." Heard it all before, you noobs always come in here spilling that bull, rushing into here expecting people to waste their lives trying to show you even though actual classes would be better, then just ignore all of the advice people give about calming your butt's down and getting actual experience.

    No one gives a crap about "I have waited for years for this and I cant wait anymore"it's a damn hobby, for you, you're not in any Programming or design classes, and since all you're doing is ignoring everything, still trying to argue instead of calming yourself down, you're just going to go down like all of the thousands of other noobs that posted "an original" idea, or posted some crappy maps and other stuff we're not interested in, still whine about people not giving you the work you want them to do despite claiming this crap's a hobby and the cycle continues over and over again. So no, just no. Ignoring people like NikNaks, DaSpirit, Musketeer, and Theik who actually know what they're talking about just shows you're too naive, a noob, and need to check yourself and look at what you're writing, cause it seems like you have ADHD.

    And if you're actually going to post an idea, like these 4 have said, make it readable. Not really surprised with what Theik pointed out that your game's just Megaman with the sprites just replaced with Pokemon. Go try the RomHacking section, everything you can do there is limited than what Essentials/RMXP can currently do, but that really is the whole basis of your game.
  4. MegamanDX
    December 6th, 2012 7:12 PM
    I been backing off of everyone because of a few internet rules I learned about plus the fact that some people I found are scared of the fact that they don't want their Version games of be different.........

    You say that im 11...I dare you say that one more time...I go to a few web sites where you have to show prof that your a adult in order to join,I can show ya if you want? If you still think that im 11?

    Look,I know I got inexperience in a lot of things,I just want to make change with some ideas I had. I read on the web that alot of Poke fans like me want some change to the current system thats in Pokemon right now...Two or more Pokemon just standing there and attacking each other like they don't know what it going on....I want to change that....Go ahead and hate me then for being the guy who in the future will make some changes.
  5. ChaosLord
    December 6th, 2012 2:31 PM
    Are you actually 18? I've read your posts, and the way you keep on ignoring everyone, including Game Dev experts like NikNaks just make you seem like you're 11. Not to mention you've already shown extreme levels of being a noob, really reminds me of the KingSnivy(Another guy like you) days.

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