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  1. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 2:04 PM
    Same here
  2. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 2:03 PM
    Yes, that was the plan, since it's going to take forever for me to accumulate enough dream points to unlock another area
  3. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:52 PM
    Well you can use the Poliwag I gave you Yh it will be but I have some original strategies up my sleeve
  4. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 1:50 PM
    That Drizzle politoed is going to be so overused by everyone with it's infinite rain I want one too though. I'll try to get one, but not now.
  5. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:44 PM
    Yh that's what I thought but I don't need it for my team. I'm making DroughtTales+DW Leafeon, DrizzleToed+Dry skin Toxicroak and dragondance Tyranitar+Garchomp. A full weather team.
  6. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 1:41 PM
    It has a very high SpAtk, that's why I ask, but then again, I don't know how high Espeon's SAtk should be. Thanks for the trade
  7. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:37 PM
    I'm really not sure. I asked for one on GTS (any level) and I got a level 100. I think there is a way to find out but I don't know. You could use berrys to reduce evs and then retrain? Just test it out and see if you think its good enough.
  8. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 1:34 PM
    Is that espeon EV trained? :O Because it will come in handy because I have a tournament on Monday. (I didn't know my exeggcute was female xD)
  9. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:34 PM
    Keep the Espeon, I got it in GTS and I don't like it.
  10. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 1:32 PM
    I meant to send you the unowns, at least you'd probably didn't have some of the forms in your dex, but then I forgot and showed you those first three :/
  11. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 1:23 PM
    Going in too :D
  12. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:21 PM
    It's ready, I'm going in.
  13. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:09 PM
    Ok then I'll be ready in about 5 mins
  14. masaru3
    August 27th, 2011 1:08 PM
    I'll just take the vulpix. A friend has a poliwag for me.
    Let me know when you're ready to trade
  15. Flyingsteelix01
    August 27th, 2011 1:05 PM
    Don't worry about it. And my pokedex is pretty full already so just surprise me when we're doing the trade, pick a favourite pokemon or something.

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