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  1. masaru3
    November 16th, 2012 12:19 PM
    Okay, I added you. I can trade now and for the next 4 hours. Let me know when you're on and able to trade
  2. Absol
    November 15th, 2012 6:28 PM
    I can trade now if you still can. Use my W FC: 4814 4358 3157.
  3. masaru3
    November 15th, 2012 4:37 PM
    Ah, what friend code should I add? My FC is White: 0046 2009 9581
  4. masaru3
    November 15th, 2012 4:33 PM
    Cool! I have your pokémon ready. Can you trade now?
  5. Absol
    November 15th, 2012 4:20 PM
    I'm finished with your Exeggcute. I'll attach the Power Item to it before I trade it to you.
  6. masaru3
    November 13th, 2012 12:09 PM
    Hi EV! Your DW female Absol, Spiritomb and Larvitar are ready, let me know when you're able to trade

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