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  1. Jason Wolf
    March 4th, 2011 5:27 PM
    Jason Wolf
    Specter is being all cool now.
  2. NightOfRemorse
    March 4th, 2011 5:03 PM
    Oh whoops, got confused there. xD
  3. Jason Wolf
    March 4th, 2011 4:57 PM
    Jason Wolf
    zeke and specter are two different chars. specter is Zeke's double. Zeke flew off.
  4. NightOfRemorse
    March 4th, 2011 4:55 PM
    Didn't he fly away before, though?
  5. Jason Wolf
    March 4th, 2011 4:50 PM
    Jason Wolf
    just wondering did you noyice that Specter was shouting and doing other stuff. he was still where you gys were.
  6. Jason Wolf
    February 27th, 2011 9:55 PM
    Jason Wolf
    yeah Zeke told him to

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