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  1. aperso
    December 25th, 2013 4:21 AM
    Pedro, Happy Holidays.
  2. aperso
    July 8th, 2013 11:01 AM
    Just a head up man, RHO is back.
  3. Echidna
    May 21st, 2013 10:07 PM
    I'm heading back home, I'm definitely enjoying it! Thanks bro :D
  4. aperso
    May 20th, 2013 7:21 AM
    Happy Birthday Pedro, Enjoy it.
  5. aperso
    February 14th, 2013 2:00 PM
    Hello Pedro, no one can hide from me. How are ya?
  6. Echidna
    August 21st, 2012 1:15 PM
    I know what IM means dude, but an IM is the message you send via msn to an online member. Msn isn't an IM, it's an IMing engine...
  7. aperso
    August 21st, 2012 10:55 AM
    im = Instant Messangers (It ain't only me that knows what that means.
  8. Echidna
    August 20th, 2012 6:06 PM
    Any other what?
  9. aperso
    August 20th, 2012 12:56 AM
    Not very well have a cold caught it while I was on holiday(Well in the long run I ain't been feeling well). Well I haven't been doing much on the side of ROM hacking either because I have been recording and editing videos for YouTube xD. What other err IMs do you have you still go on?
  10. Echidna
    August 19th, 2012 10:03 PM
    I hate msn :/
    So how you been?
  11. aperso
    August 19th, 2012 12:01 PM
    Pedro you so need to get on MSN more, I don't like PC much anymore got bored of it.
  12. Echidna
    June 30th, 2012 1:11 PM
    Lol :p
  13. aperso
    June 30th, 2012 8:44 AM
    Well considering that 99% of the homework i get needs internet, it is.
  14. Echidna
    June 30th, 2012 4:09 AM
    That's not too limited :(
  15. aperso
    June 29th, 2012 9:25 AM
    I have very limited internet Access (To like 3 days a week).

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