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Conversation Between Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup and Hikamaru

Conversation Between Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup and Hikamaru
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  1. Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup
    December 5th, 2012 10:06 PM
    I'm asking if the rules have changed since I have barely been coming here.
  2. Hikamaru
    December 5th, 2012 10:03 PM
  3. Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup
    December 5th, 2012 9:50 PM
    Is there any major rules changes in the past few months?
  4. Hikamaru
    December 5th, 2012 7:05 AM
    Sorry man, I have to sleep now. Bye.
  5. Hikamaru
    December 5th, 2012 7:01 AM
    The reason Breakfast failed was due to Paul Henry being unpopular with viewers. They didn't find him funny at all!
  6. Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup
    December 5th, 2012 6:59 AM
    I wonder if they will try another breakfast show in a few years.
  7. Hikamaru
    December 5th, 2012 6:40 AM
    Yeah, they were making a stupid decision with that.
  8. Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup
    December 5th, 2012 6:39 AM
    I think they will do worst due to axing the normal news/Cricle.
  9. Hikamaru
    December 5th, 2012 6:28 AM
    The ABC's 2013 line-up is just looking so awesome, full of must-watch content.

    And yeah, I bet Ten's gonna fall behind again given how bad its shows did this year.
  10. Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup
    December 5th, 2012 6:25 AM
    I wonder how much lower their 2013 ratings will be with more american crap.
  11. Hikamaru
    December 5th, 2012 6:23 AM
    That Liar Liar post you made was funny.
  12. Hikamaru
    November 30th, 2012 10:52 PM
    Tyler, someone just joined with a username almost identical to mine!
  13. Hikamaru
    November 28th, 2012 9:34 PM
    I think Counterfeit is funny, especially when he tried to act like me.
  14. Mynewusernameiskuzronkjustlookthatup
    November 28th, 2012 9:07 PM
    I don't think he stalked me tbh. Just replyed to me saying happy brithday.
  15. Hikamaru
    November 28th, 2012 8:32 PM
    You think FattestSnorlax really wants supporter status?

    And also, I see that Counterfeit guy stalked ya. He likes me for some reason.

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