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  1. Ash
    December 31st, 2015 8:21 PM
    Retired wouldn't be too inaccurate, I guess. I did ask that I be stepped down because yeah. I have no motivation for PT anymore. Lost it just like how I lost the motivation for FG lmao.
  2. Hikamaru
    December 31st, 2015 8:09 PM
    I thought you had retired at first lol but I can see Mafia games have been your main interest as of late.
  3. Ash
    December 31st, 2015 8:08 PM
    uh yeah that's cause I asked for it??? don't be making assumptions ty
  4. Hikamaru
    December 31st, 2015 8:05 PM
    And now your'e down to just one section...
  5. Hikamaru
    July 26th, 2015 7:24 AM
    Congrats on 7 years at PC, and with a good chunk of them on staff for that manner.
  6. Hikamaru
    June 30th, 2015 2:00 AM
    This profile is actually really awesome. I'll miss your previous one because that one was so good as well...
  7. Hikamaru
    June 15th, 2015 1:48 PM
    Really loving that Super Mystery Dungeon starters theme, especially the rotating pics in the signature.
  8. Ash
    March 26th, 2015 7:28 PM
    eeee yes! tbf she didn't really have an appearance where we got to know her until that recent episode. And now that we've actually seen her and how adorable she is I hope she comes back more often because damn she's so cuteee.
  9. Hikamaru
    March 26th, 2015 1:00 PM
    Elle/Aria theme heck yeah!

    I feel like that character needs more love, especially since the recent episode where she and Serena battled.
  10. Ash
    October 18th, 2013 9:09 AM
    Thanks Hikari! I'm planning on changing out the icons after each episode so now everything is from episode 2 ♥

    eeee Froakie. Such a cutie.
  11. Hikamaru
    October 18th, 2013 5:37 AM
    I always love your themes, simple yet creative.

    And here have some Froakies...

  12. Hikamaru
    August 28th, 2013 2:16 PM
    Aww nice Eevee!
  13. Hikamaru
    August 13th, 2013 7:32 PM

    My childhood has been remembered.
  14. Ash
    July 9th, 2013 7:00 PM
    baby bats are the cutest
  15. Hikamaru
    July 9th, 2013 6:56 PM
    awww that avatar...

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