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  1. Hikamaru
    February 13th, 2013 8:35 PM
    I actually do love gelato!
  2. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 12th, 2013 11:28 PM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    Same :D. I can't wait honestly ;-;. Aaaalso like you said in OVP I do hope we can meet one day haha :3. It'd be amazing to meet someone from PC in real life :D.
  3. Hikamaru
    February 12th, 2013 11:21 PM
    Thanks, looking forward to next week! Oh god I'm so excited to be seeing him on TV again!

    He's just goddamned funny ya'll.
  4. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 12th, 2013 11:17 PM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    It is a good one :D. But it's unfortunate :(
  5. Hikamaru
    February 12th, 2013 10:27 PM
    Won't able to switch up this avatar/sig for a while. Still haven't got my computer back.

    At least it's one I like though, which is good.
  6. Hikamaru
    February 11th, 2013 1:03 AM
    Yeah, until I get a new profile up.
  7. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 11th, 2013 12:49 AM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    Ooo Oshawott's back. :>
  8. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 9th, 2013 10:10 PM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    Haha ^___^;, I stalk a lot so except to see more. :D

    Oh really :3? That's pretty cool, I like it :D.
  9. Hikamaru
    February 8th, 2013 2:49 AM
    Oh, that GIF in my blog header?

    It's actually a scene from an old trailer for Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation. Oh god it's funny, the series will be sadly missed though. *sobs*
  10. Hikamaru
    February 8th, 2013 2:47 AM
    Last Activity: Today 09:45 PM
    Current Activity: Viewing User Profile Hikari10

    I love catching those who stalk me.
  11. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 8th, 2013 2:46 AM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    Here you go Hikari. :D

    Hikari- I think you're one of the greatest people I know :3. Honestly! You make me laugh a lot and smile, I actually can't imagine PC without you. Your really welcoming and it's great for you putting in lots of effort when welcoming newcomers to the community, are really active and I like that gif in your blog. ;)

    That's besides the point, just keep being yourself! Well slightly at least :D, and you'll always be my favourite Oshawott fangirl. <3
  12. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 7th, 2013 8:51 PM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    ;;;;;. School's been really busy so I've hardly found any time to come on. I'm having a hard time even checking regularly on PC, but I promise I'll be there in five minutes after I get a snack! :D.
  13. Hikamaru
    February 7th, 2013 7:45 PM
    ^ What Ozzy said.

  14. Rainbow Arcanine
    February 5th, 2013 10:12 PM
    Rainbow Arcanine
    I'm on now :)! School's just been keeping me realllllly buuusy and it sucks. :<

    And can't wait to see what you do :D! IF IT'S DOCTOR WHO I WILL BE SO HAPPY <3, OR JUST ANYTHING I KNOW IN GENERAL. :D
  15. Hikamaru
    February 5th, 2013 9:08 PM
    I'll finally unveil a new profile this weekend, you might like it.

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