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  1. Crux
    November 15th, 2012 1:25 AM
    A tie. xD >.>
    Great job! Sorry if my battling skills are crapy,i'm a but rusty...

    ( doesn't show IPs does it? I saw mine and got a little worried.)
    Well then,i'm going to bed. xD
  2. Crux
    October 31st, 2012 1:33 PM
    Happy Halloween!! :D
  3. Crux
    October 22nd, 2012 8:35 PM
    I've yet to decide,as i've been pretty busy lately,but if I do join Evc then i'll have to put Zupplu as my referal. :)
  4. Crux
    October 14th, 2012 3:38 PM
    Ever Grand City?
    The Elite Four? :D
    I'll have to check it out.
  5. Crux
    October 13th, 2012 9:41 PM
    I gotta say,this is a really great forum!
    Even when i'm not in the middle of an engrossing conversation,it's just fun to be online and chat.
    This is the only forum that i've found with such a warm atmosphere. :/
  6. Crux
    October 13th, 2012 9:31 PM
    A bit tired,but pretty good. :D
  7. Crux
    October 13th, 2012 6:34 PM
    Good evening!
    How've you been?
  8. Crux
    October 10th, 2012 11:07 PM
    :D I love your avatar btw.

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