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Conversation Between Josephine and Hikamaru

Conversation Between Josephine and Hikamaru
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  1. Hikamaru
    November 24th, 2012 7:52 AM
    Go and see my latest post in the Pictures of You thread.
  2. Hikamaru
    November 24th, 2012 5:24 AM
    Mine looks perfect right now. I wouldn't have got it nailed had it not been for Nica's step-by-step guide to those giant profile pics.
  3. Josephine
    November 24th, 2012 5:22 AM
    Thankyou! :D

    And yes I am. It's very nice! :]

    When I get home I could edit your bg for you so that it fills the entire space visible though (like mine carries on going to the right)

    would you like that? :]
  4. Hikamaru
    November 24th, 2012 5:11 AM
    I guess you're seeing my new profile.
  5. Hikamaru
    November 24th, 2012 1:16 AM
    Your profile design looks awesome.
  6. Josephine
    November 23rd, 2012 7:09 AM
    so I could get to them on my laptop
  7. Hikamaru
    November 23rd, 2012 7:07 AM
    What's with all those links you posted?
  8. Hikamaru
    November 22nd, 2012 5:41 AM
    Yeah, but now you have a fellow David Tennant fan by your side who you once "stole" the avatar/sig of all that time ago cos you wanted to make her laugh.
  9. Josephine
    November 22nd, 2012 5:37 AM
    I've missed having a partner in crime. <3
  10. Hikamaru
    November 22nd, 2012 4:00 AM
    Thank Rainbow Arcanine, she inspired me to do this one.
  11. Josephine
    November 22nd, 2012 3:57 AM
    I had an awesome dream last night where I was part of some adventure with the the [10th] Doctor and it was so cool and we did some adventure stuff and there was a bad guy and stuffff :DD

    thank you for having this theme, it wouldn't have happened otherwise :]

    and yes, no doubt david was the best :]
  12. Hikamaru
    November 22nd, 2012 2:37 AM
    I my signature I mentioned you as my funny partner-in-crime given we both share an interest in David Tennant. He was the best Doctor imo.
  13. Hikamaru
    November 21st, 2012 7:45 AM
    Sorry, I have to sign off for now as it's extremely late here in Sydney.

    Good night!
  14. Hikamaru
    November 21st, 2012 7:34 AM
    David Tennant was definitely the best Doctor Who.

    He had the right looks and everything.
  15. Hikamaru
    November 21st, 2012 7:24 AM
    OMG you like this one even better than Shaun?

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