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  1. Katana3
    November 25th, 2009 10:14 AM
    zel yu in a coma or sumthin? where yu at????
  2. Katana3
    July 15th, 2009 7:44 PM
    well if it isnt the infamous zel lol this is the first time im writing to yu so yu dont know me,, ive played shiny gold 4ever,, since maybe august 07 i think???,,, and this is the 1st time im visiting yur page/thing here on the forums..i see yu havnt been on since apriil>>?? man thats sad bcz im hoping that yu havnt given up shiny gold and new betas etc,, yur a cool guy and im appreciative of the game yu made,, i play it 24/7 on my jailbroken ipod touch on a emulator,, its so fun man,, im always feeling like im reliveing memories by reading the text wihich i swear to yu i freakin love bcz pkmn silver was my first and favorite game ever for the gbc (other then those chunky tetris things ,, gbc and silver was my first portable game thing and the first game for it),, i wish i was an expert at hacking but im not,, thats why i support people like you and i hope yu dont give up as so many others do,, im a big big fan ,, know that im here for any help or support ,, when yu get back on here i hope that at least soon yu can release the final beta before the like real game so i can complete it not just mess around in fuschia,, i wish yu all the best and hope for nothing but the best of and for yu,, thank you for the remake and watever yu do dont give up on it like many others,, at least fisnish it (the main story) and then in yur free time add little bugfixes and tweaks to it and release more betas,, thats a good idea,, again thank you
    kind regards from:
    yur freind and long time supporter katana3

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