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  1. Mr. Mammoth
    February 11th, 2012 12:58 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (Yeah you should. And by you should I mean, you must!

    Lol Maxwell has NO idea of what is going on right now xD)

    Soul shrugged,
    "Yes. The human psyche, something complex yet frail. You want to understand it? Doesn't surprise me. You have the ears and tail of an Umbreon, a slick, devious Dark-type out to play with peoples minds. Much like a child plays with a doll." Kumiho couldn't see Soul's face behind the mask, and right now, it was probably for the best. He had an insane look. And not just the mental hospital type of insane. This was like watching a demon disguised as a human show it's true shape, this was one of the factors showing that Soul was not well at all. At all.

    "The human mind is much like a table. It can be used to place all sorts of things on top of it, namely information, but once too much pressure is put on it," Soul braided his fingers together, "It breaks." He then pulled all his fingers backwards which resulted in a cracking-sound. He then laughed, a bit hysterically one might think, but Soul didn't pay mind to what others thought of him, not anymore at least.
  2. Fuyu
    February 10th, 2012 6:14 PM
    (LOL I need to replay it I guess lol.)

    Ethan tilted his head. "I wonder if that's really it..." He snorted quietly. "There are things that are not meant to be understood but people are not one of them I have been told. Now the mysteries of life, as interesting as they are I will leave that to the ponderous queries of minions."

    Blackie glanced at SOul and yawned. "Bre on." I was bein' polite about it. Humans get up to some strange stuff."
  3. Mr. Mammoth
    February 10th, 2012 5:08 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (Ah. I see... Well same here, but I just never forget it because I find it such an awesome series of games!)

    "Hah! Well I guess that is because of the aura you give off. Caculating, confident and so on." Soul chuckled again. Seems like Kumiho's voice sounded sad... He gave off another chuckle, seems like the one least expected to show sadness in fact, did. It was all just so amusing.

    "Everything isn't comprehendable. Some things aren't meant to be understood, but seeing how you are I guess that won't stop you." Soul was now laughing at the absurdness. If he would've known better you might say that Soul W. Grant did make a non-Pokémon friend this day.

    "Yes. Unorthodox..." Soul's voice trailed off for a bit as he commented on Blackie's statement. He thought about how his father had acted to him, that was certainly much more than unorthodox. Soul gritted his teeth behind the mask, oh how he hated that man...
  4. Fuyu
    February 10th, 2012 4:29 PM
    (XD I haven't played that franchise in a while lol. And YES)

    Ethan chuckled darkly. "Everybody does that I suppose... expects things of me I cannot do." Did he just sound sad? Funny, he was not particularly good at expressing that emotion. "I cannot explain what I do not comprehend." He quietly rose to his feet. Azea flew off to float next to him.

    "Ledi!" Ethan tilted his head and Azea babbled on for a moment. Blackie snorted.

    "Umbreon. Bre on bre."I still would be concerned if I could care enough. Human morals are based on the same things as Pokemon ones. THey want to survive... though to be fair they're unorthodox about it.
  5. Mr. Mammoth
    February 10th, 2012 4:18 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (Yeah It's funny because my avatar is Flame Mammoth from MegaMan X and my profile pic is the Maverick symbol xD

    I know right? Now we wait for the author to make MOAR!!!)

    "Oh? Do I? Well maybe so, but I'm still sure that you can explain most of it." Soul just shrugged. Maybe he was overestimating Kumiho? Nah, that didn't seem like a valiable option considering how Kumiho was. It was more like he tried to lead Soul astray. Kumiho amused Soul, the boy was unpredictible, seemingly deep and somewhat mysterious. Just like himself. Minus the possible halloucinations and emotional instability that was.

    "I guess so," Soul smiled and cracked his knuckles, "Heh, you know my dear Umbreon... I'm a little more than wild I tell you." he chuckled and dug his claws into the ground, making the dirt under his nails get a little thicker.
    "Humans. Are interesting creatures depending on who you ask, but their morales will always be built on the same baisis."
  6. Fuyu
    February 10th, 2012 3:41 PM
    (Is it wrong I just figured out what your profile pic was lol? BTW Black Adventures was funneh!)
  7. Fuyu
    February 9th, 2012 2:18 PM
    Blackie snarled coldly and scowled. "Bre.. umbreon." I am not in the mood to go back on that boat. It probably sank anyway...

    Kumiho shook his head. "You overestimate me," he said quietly. "It is difficult for me to describe living. I cannot put into words what I need because what I need is full of complex factors that I haven't learned enough to describe yet. Human things are so very puzzling." His smile flickered slightly. "But I like that, because puzzles are so very interesting." He grinned at Wildboy. "You haven't terrified me yet and I wonder if I could beat you..." he shrugged. "i'm sure we'll find out one of these days."

    Blackie scoffed."Bre. On bre." "Hmph. He'd lose. You'd trick him. Azea appeared and landed on Kumiho's head, eating a Berry.

  8. Mr. Mammoth
    February 8th, 2012 2:12 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (Hey, now that is no worries. I had a slight headache earlier today so I know what you mean.)

    Soul looked calmly at Blackie barking at him, th sight wasn't intimidating at all. In fact, it was rather amusing. This Umbreon who claimed to dislike Kumiho was now protecting him? Soul couldn't help but chuckle, he had faced worse things than an agitated Umbreon. One of those being the reason to why he had a mask.

    "Hm? I wasn't trying anything. You seemed tired and in need of sleep, thus, I sang you a song so that you coul rest a bit. I will not say that I had no intention to kill you, the thought did in fact pop up in my mind. However, it was not an act of hatred, moreso a reflex. You see that I am like a wild and agressive Pokémon, my mindset is like that due to a very special chain of events. Some might say it was unfortunate, but I say that it was more or less eye-opening." Soul said in a calm voice. He was a bit embarassed about the killing-part, but what are you gonna do? [S](
  9. Fuyu
    February 8th, 2012 1:34 PM
    (No worries I was just telling you I hadn't forgotten. Whenever you can do it, go for it. Sorry this wasn't up until now. I had a splitting headache yesterday.)

    Kumiho made a soft noise, sounding more like a laugh. Blackie was growling. He had nothing against the Wildboy idiot but you were not attacking Kumiho. He was stuck with the guy. He was not going to allow the guy he was stuck keeping an eye on to get killed. He was too interesting to lose track of. Jeez... insensitive humans.

    Kumiho shook his head tiredly. "Blackie down."

    "Um bre!" Frick that!

    Kumiho laughed again, the sound as false as he was exhausted. "I don't know what you're trying to do forest one but a lullaby is not what I need now." He looked at the sky. "What I need... well, there's no words for it." Lying really was a reflex wasn't it? How... ironic perhaps?

    "Ne... barking like that... were you trying to scare me?" He glanced at Wildboy. "I've observed that carnivorous Pokemon make those noises when trying to intimidate others while others are perfectly silent as they," He calmly rested his hand on the other's collarbone. "Tear them to pieces." He removed his hand casually. "Joking. I don't see a reason to kill you."
  10. Mr. Mammoth
    February 7th, 2012 1:42 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (Yeah I'm sorry. But I am kinda occupied with homework most of the time. You see, I go to school from 8:20AM to 3:40PM three out of five days. Then I get home about 5:10PM and we then eat at my grandma's place most of the time which makes me get home for real at 7:10PM and then I study two hours and then go to bed. I get updated with PC in the morning when I get to school and finish what I need to finish before bed. So I'm pretty busy most of the time. But I'll get it done as soon as I can!)

    Soul just sat there. He observed Kumiho go into some sort of trance-like sleep, a word had escaped his lips, "Elena". Soul's face was turned into a grin, that sort of evil grin a wild beast gets when he notices that his prey cannot escape him. So Kumiho HAD a weak side, Soul started to give off light snarls and excited yipps. He sounded like a savage beast going in for the kill.

    He rose up from the ground and then proceeded to walk in Kumiho's direction, almost like a zombie. The boy would be an easy prey, Soul shook his head. He realized that he had thought of KILLING Kumiho... Why? Was it because the boy exposed his weakness? Did Soul really hate him? Deep down? No, that couldn't be it... Maybe his wild instincts told hil to do what a carnivore would've done to a wounded animal... Kumiho was no longer a shadow in Soul's eyes, the boy transformed yet again, but this time into a creature giving off light. An innocent, pure, untouched being. Soul couldn't bring himself to harm it.

    "Maybe so. But what I'm looking at now is not a shadow. For it is a being of light that i rest my eyes upon..." Soul said, almost poetically. He reached Kumiho and sat down beside him. He opened his mouth behind the mask, and out came a melody. Wildboy's voice was soothing and calm now.

    "Don't fret little Eevee,
    Don't be sad.

    To you I wouldn't do-o anything bad.

    You are dear and precious to me,
    Rest under the moon and you will see.

    How you'll be ble-essed with a crest,
    Black will be the new color of your chest.

    Along with yellow eyes and blue rings,
    Now you shouldn't be afraid of anything."

    It was a song that Soul's mother used to sing to him when he was little. It was used to calm him down when he couldn't sleep, to soothe him when he couldn't stop crying and to cheer him up when he was feeling down. Soul saw that Kumiho needed sleep, and thus he sang for him to ease the boy. Now to see if he fell asleep...
  11. Fuyu
    February 6th, 2012 5:51 PM
    (YEAH! You still haven't sent me the piccie btw lol.)

    "Bre bre." I think you should still be afraid.

    Kumiho pet his Pokemon dispassionately. He was tired, so very tired. But sleeping was dangerous out here."Elena..." Trying to block her out was a stupid idea. He was trying to remember her face now, young and innocent. Her hair was still blue and there was fake fire on her back... and... He quietly hummed, singing to himself. Or to her illusion. He wasn't sure anymore.

    "Um bre." Fox-boy....

    "Looking for a firefly," Ethan mumbled softly. "Looking for my little firefly, where did you cage her?" Oh he really needed more sleep. Even in his half-dazed, half-sane state, he knew the Wildboy wasn't completely well in the head. It was implied in the nickname. "Where did you lock up the little firefly..." He wondered what Elena was doing. Was she making friends? Was she singing silly songs like she always had? Was she happy....

    His fingers curled in a lapse of sane control as he seemed to growl softly at nothing in particular. Anyone who made her sad would pay. He smiled dazedly in a distant sort of fury. He would make them pay dearly.

    "I think you should be quite afraid, with or without your shadow," he said softly to Wildboy. "I'm nasty when I'm crossed people say.
  12. Mr. Mammoth
    February 6th, 2012 3:50 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (What time is it? YAOI-FUN!!!)

    Soul knew that Kumiho was drifting off. He could both see and smell it. The shadow started to falter, it's menacing smile was replaced by a pair of black lips shut tightly. It's color started to fade away, it became more transparent. Across the sealed lips of the shadow escaped a sort of nursery-rhyme. Kumiho sat and sung it gently, his voice seemed to falter as well. Or maybe that was one of Soul's delusions? You couldn't be too sure all the time... The maked boy got the feeling of a person on the brink to insanity, only a certain set of words making making the person hold on. This could depend on two things;

    Lack of sleep, or...

    Just sheer mental onslaught.

    Soul guessed that it was the first alternative, Kumiho wouldn't go mad would he? He seemed cooler than ice itself and wasn't likely to lose control like that.

    "Afraid? Even though you took on a more frightful shape earlier it is starting to falter now..." Soul gave off a slight chuckle at Kumiho's seeming depression, this guy was full of surprises. But so was Wildboy himself. Soul sniffed in the air, was that something emotional in the air around Kumiho? Was he letting down his guard? Nah, that couldn't be it. Soul decided to stick along for the ride.

    "Smelly? You hurt me dear Umbreon," Soul laughed, "While it may be true that his previous shape was unsettling for me, it has begund to decrease." Soul's psyche was of course no way as stabile as others around his age, but maybe he should leave that to Kumiho to deduce...
  13. Fuyu
    February 5th, 2012 4:30 PM
    (Yes we do XD.)

    Ethan wasn't paying attention too much, smiling distantly. His mask was faltering. Not a big surprise due to the events of the past couple days and his severe lack of sleep but... "You never know until you try," he sing-songed. "And then you try until you die." Blackie nodded a little, laying his head on Ethan's lap. Kumiho pet it absently. Blackie could feel that Kumiho wasn't dangerous, not now anyway.

    "Hehe..." Kumiho laughed again, the sound almost depressing. "You're starting to be afraid of me..." Not that much of a surprise to him. If people figured him out they were inevitably afraid. Well except Maya, who was a strange girl overall and... Elena... He squeezed his eyes shut. He did not want to think of his sister right now. It would make him vulnerable and he was not stupid enough to be vulnerable around someone with an animal's instincts.

    "Um..." Blackie yawned. "Bre um bre..." Fox-boy you're a bigger savage than Smelly over here. Of course he's afraid of you and your prissy little shirts.
  14. Mr. Mammoth
    February 5th, 2012 4:04 PM
    Mr. Mammoth
    (But we all know how it'll turn out in the end xD)

    Soul nodded,
    "I'm not sure if I believe anything before I see it." Soul stopped for a second, why did he say that? Was it some sort of attempt to a joke? Sometimes he reall amazed himself. Soul listened as Kumiho claimed that his father had taught him a lot of things, seemingly useless to the practical person, but to the philosophical... So he lied earlier, it WAS something fishy about it. Soul began to doubt himself for opening up to Kumiho, the boy seemed like he could get what he wanted out of a person without even trying and for a wild one as Soul, it must be pretty easy to squeeze out information. Then, for a moment, Kumiho's happiness seemed to falter. Or was that just Soul's imagination? It had screwed him over before but...

    Kumiho, laughed? Soul stopped again for a moment, the Moon Child was starting to get a bit unsettling, maybe too unsettling for Soul's good it would seem. The turqoise-haired boy noticed the darkness in Kumiho's words, it was getting more and more unsettling the further into the conversation it got.

    "As the moon comes out, the creature's transform into what is in thier hearts."

    Soul saw Kumiho starting to warp in front of his eyes, the boy turned pitch-black, his eyes bright yellow and he gained sort of a waving movememt. It was one of the Shadows... Soul heard the Shadow talka bout what makes you strong. Overcoming the past? Was there such a thing? Soul wasn't sure if that was even possible for him to do.

    "Yes," he said, "I would try, even though there is close to no chances of winning." he sighed, better be on guard...
  15. Fuyu
    February 5th, 2012 3:21 PM
    (Which is really bad since he's currently opening up to the calmest liar and prankster in Arcanum... who has a sadistic streak. XD)

    "There are relationships where it happens," Kumiho said softly "It depends on personality really. You don't believe it unless you see it I suppose." His voice remained eerily flat as he registered the other's question. "Hmm... not really. He mostly taught me things, like how to always smile especially when you don't want to do it. He taught me to pursue the truth, the real one. I don't remember him being kind to me that often but perhaps that was a truth I couldn't see because I was too young to." He could feel a vague pain in his chest. As always he covered it with the happy peace he projected. Everyone believed it, which was just disturbing. Well except Pokemon but that's because they had better senses.

    Kumiho couldn't help the odd laugh that burst from his lips. For a moment, there was a hint of darkness in his words, cold and dispassionate. "He shares that weakness with most of the world then. I don't know many people who don't fall to alcohol at some point in their lives. It doesn't make them completely weak; that's just what it does. No he had a weak soul I bet you, a thing already tethered to the grip that liquor fastens to the brain."

    Ethan looked over at them now and Blackie could almost see that light that sparkled in his eyes, the one he had seen him have at his home. Intense. "To be stronger than the past is to surpass it I've heard the tale told. To survive it proves power but to surpass it I suppose would make you one of the most powerful beings alive. I bet you can do that." Ethan looked away and hummed. "I bet you would too, just to prove how much stronger you are..."

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