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Conversation Between Sheep and Syltti

Conversation Between Sheep and Syltti
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  1. Sheep
    November 4th, 2013 4:00 PM
    No problem! n_n
  2. Syltti
    November 4th, 2013 12:29 PM
    I'm incredibly late, but thank you~
  3. Sheep
    September 12th, 2013 2:54 PM
    Happy birthday! :3
  4. Syltti
    November 2nd, 2012 5:10 AM
    You changed it!!

    Still adorable, though~
  5. Sheep
    October 31st, 2012 9:16 AM
    That's good; glad you're fine. >: My poor little brother can't go trick or treating since there's water surrounding the house, haha. Stinks. D:

    But wow, I love snow when there isn't a ton of it and before it turns to slush, but that's a loot of snow, yeah.
  6. Syltti
    October 31st, 2012 4:28 AM
    We only got strong winds and rain over here, so not much to worry about. Gotta say I lucked out, I'd hate to be North Carolina or West Virginia, what with all that snow they got. I think people were reporting 8 to 11 inches last night. Just the thought of that much snow makes me cringe.
  7. Sheep
    October 30th, 2012 5:14 PM
    Sorry, I didn't see your message omg D: Totally missed it haha, no worries you didn't sound rude at all~ Nothing much is up here, same old minus Sandy (who should just die already). ;; you?
  8. Syltti
    October 30th, 2012 4:55 PM
    Just explored the Blogs section and noticed you were one of Sandy's victims. Sorry if my last message sounded rude; I'm glad you made it out okay. Q_Q
  9. Syltti
    October 30th, 2012 11:59 AM
    I'm doing fine, which is more than some can say considering Superstorm Sandy causing property damage like an angry woman.

    Haven't really talked with you since I first joined, soo... What's up? xD
  10. Sheep
    October 30th, 2012 11:25 AM
    Hi hi, I'm good~ hope you are, too. ; w;
  11. Syltti
    October 30th, 2012 7:00 AM
    Cirnooooooooo~ How ya doin'? =D
  12. Sheep
    October 19th, 2012 2:23 PM
    Of course, you're welcome! :3
  13. Syltti
    October 19th, 2012 12:14 PM
    Bit late, but thanks for the friend request~ :D

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